Hair nanoplasty is an amino acid straightening of any type of hair, including afro. A huge plus of nanoplastics is the absence of a pungent odor during the procedure. Features of amino acid straightening: - hair straightening occurs due to vegetable glycolic acid and lactic acid. Depending on the manufacturer, the composition of acids, due to which the active straightening process takes place, may vary; - such compositions can be used on any type of hair, except for exceptionally damaged and poorly bleached hair; - The composition can lighten hair by 1-3 tones, but immediately after the procedure, it can be tinted with ammonia-free paint or direct pigment; - If the client has undyed hair or glassy gray hair, then there are no contraindications to this procedure; - If the client lightens the hair, then hair nanoplasty can be done after 3-5 days, during this time the chemical processes stabilize after raising the tone level; - If the client wants to straighten the hair first, the bleaching procedure can be carried out after 2 weeks. - If the client's hair is dyed with henna, it is better to test on a separate strand before doing the procedure. This applies not only to hair nanoplasty, but to all keratins in general. Thanks to nanoplastics, the hair acquires elasticity, elasticity, becomes straight and obedient.

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