Heat, dryness, ultraviolet rays, sea salt - all this can adversely affect the condition of the strands. In summer, hair especially needs good hydration, so oils must be taken care of.
To further protect the ends of the hair, it is good to lubricate them with argan and fig oils from our range. This advice is also suitable for those who are going to swim in the sea or river.

Oils can be used for home care, as well as for professional.

In the month of July we offer a discount on all OILS. -twenty%

1) TYRREL Indian Fig Oil:


Shine, Antioxidant, Filler, Concealer, Emollient, Regenerator, Nourisher, Mineral, Anti-Fluffiness, Smoothing.

2) Organic oil from FLORACTIVE:


Renewal of the hair cuticle, Returns shine, Flexibility and Protects hair during and after Chemical processes.

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