Nanoplasty 24K - TANINO PROTEIN 1LITRO by FIT Cosmeticos, 1L

435,00 BRL 725,00 BRL

Nanoplasty 24K - TANINO PROTEIN 1LITRO by FIT Cosmeticos, 1L

435,00 BRL 725,00 BRL
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24k - Tanino Protein - 100% safe straightening of even the most curly hair without formaldehyde and deep cleaning shampoo, which adds shine and strength, making it silky. Nanoplasty contains Pracaxi oil and grape fruit extract, wheat proteins and is rich in amino acids, thanks to which the composition has a nourishing formula with a high protein content that helps to restore damaged hair. The hair becomes much more flexible, softer and more resistant to hair breakage. Does not cause allergies, irritation of the mucosa and discomfort. Perfectly straightens and gives hair a glossy shine!


 Works in 1 step, no cleansing shampoo required.

 Suitable for all hair types (except damaged and bleached)

 Does not contain formaldehyde (formalin);

 Wash off immediately;

RESULT - shiny, smooth, silky hair!



1. Divide clean and dry hair into 4 zones.
2. Using a hair coloring brush, apply 24k Tanino Protein starting from the lower occiput. Select a strand 1 cm wide and step back from the scalp 1 cm;
3. Wait 40 to 60 minutes, according to the strand test. Comb your hair every 10 minutes;
4 Rinse hair with water without shampoo until the product is completely removed;
5. Completely dry your hair 100%;
6. Use the iron at a temperature of 170C to 230C. The number of postings with an iron is 10-15 times along the main web and 3-7 times at the ends. The amount and temperature are selected based on the structure of the hair, according to the general technology of working with various types of hair damage.

In home care after the procedure, it is imperative to use shampoos with a pH of 4.5-5.5!


• Glyoxyloyl Carbocysteine (Ácido Glioxílico)

• Glyoxyloyl Keratin Amino Acids (Aminoácidos da Queratina)

• Hydrolyzed Silk (Seda Hidrolizada)

• Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (Proteína de Trigo Hidrolisada)

• Creatine, Sodium PCA (Creatina)

• Hydrolyzed Keratin (Quratina Hidrolisada)

• Elaeis Oleifera Kernel Oil (Óleo de Ojon)

• Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil (Óleo de Semente de Linhaça)

• Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil (Óleo de Macadâmia)

• Gossypium Herbaceum Seed Oil

• Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Óleo de Girassol)

• Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Óleo de Argan)

• Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil (Óleo de Germen de Trigo)

• Cocos Nucifera Oil. (Oleo de Coco)

Product FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions about Progressive 24k Tannin Protein:
{Q} What type of shampoo should I use for Anti-Residue or Wash Basin?
{R} We do not recommend using Anti-Residue Shampoo, always wash it with a medicated shampoo or wash basin. (We recommend Every Day Moisturizing Shampoo 2.5L).

{Q} Is it compatible with ammonium thioglycolate?
{A} Yes, it is compatible, but we always ask you to do a very thorough strand test before applying because hair treated with ammonia thioglycolate is very fragile hair.

{Q} Can I use Progressive 24k Tannin Protein on recently weakened hair?
{R} Yes, you can, but we ask that you do a very thorough test before applying 24k because weakened hair is usually brittle.

{Q} How long does it last on curly hair?
{A} It will largely depend on how the person takes care of their hair on a daily basis, how many times they wash their hair per week, what types of shampoos have been used, progressive 24k and semi-permanent which lasts an average of 3 months.

{Q} Is it compatible with ammonia?
{A} Yes, it is compatible, but as we mentioned in the last questions, we always recommend doing a strand test before using 24k Tanino Protein, a very thorough test before use.

{P} Pregnant, lactating can use?
{A} We do not recommend the use of chemicals for pregnant and lactating women.

{Q} How long does 24k last on hair?
{A} An average of 3 months for a semi-permanent progressive color, however this largely depends on the person's hair care and how many times they wash their hair per week.

{Q} At what age can 24k Tannin Protein be taken?
{A} We do not recommend using it for persons under 16 years of age. If you feel safe, do an allergy test before applying.

Q} I am using other progressive products from competing brands, can I upgrade to 24k Tanino Protein?
{R} Yes, you can use 24k Tanino Protein and it is compatible with all progressive products on the market.

{Q} Do I need to wash my hair after ironing or not?
{R} It is not necessary to wash your hair after flat ironing, but we always recommend washing your hair and using a pH balancer. We recommend our SOS Stop Break by Fit Cosmetics.

{Q} After what time can I retouch roots?
{R} It can be retouched when the root has already grown, but we always recommend doing a strand test to check the brittleness of the wire.

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