Nanoplasty Brazilian keratin from FIT COSMETICOS, 1L

412,50 BRL 550,00 BRL

Nanoplasty Brazilian keratin from FIT COSMETICOS, 1L

412,50 BRL 550,00 BRL
Only 100 units of this product remain

Brazilian keratin - Brazilian keratin hair straightening (nanoplasty) in 1 STEP!

Straightens hair by 100%, including ethnic, restores and nourishes hair, eliminates dryness and porosity.

The composition is effective for smoothing and straightening even the most difficult hair for a period of up to 9 months.

Active ingredients: lactic acid, lactobionic acid, aspartic acid.

 Does not require the use of a cleansing shampoo.

 Compatible with all chemical components such as ammonia, guanidine, dyes, bleaching.

 Without discomfort in work, smell and smoke.

 Suitable for all hair types.

 Dermatologically tested.

 Does not contain formaldehyde and its derivatives!


1. Clean and dry hair divided into four parts;
2. Apply the composition to the entire length, retreating from the scalp 0.5 cm;
3. Leave for 40-60 minutes, (for afro for 90 minutes).
4. Rinse 50% off coarse thick hair and 100% off color-treated, bleached and damaged hair.
5. Dry your hair thoroughly without brushing 100%;
6. Use the iron at a temperature of 170C to 230C. The number of postings with an iron is 10-15 times along the main web and 3-7 times at the ends. The amount and temperature are selected based on the structure of the hair, according to the general technology of working with various types of hair damage.
7. Wash your hair without shampoo and style as desired.

In home care after the procedure, it is imperative to use professional shampoos with a pH of 4.5-5!

Frequently Asked Questions about FIT COSMETICOS Brazilian Keratin Nanoplasty
[Q] Does it have a strong smell, does it burn your eyes?
[R] Does not cause burning (discomfort) as it is an odorless organic product.

[Q] Can I use it on blonde hair?
[R] Yes you can, hair color will not fade, remember what causes hair color change and heat exposure.

[Q] What shampoo should I use to create a progressive or therapeutic anti-tartar shampoo?
[R] Always use a medicated shampoo, we do not recommend using a clarifying shampoo.

[Q] How long will the procedure take?
[R] Persistence and an average of 3 to 4 months will largely depend on how a person takes care of their hair, how many times they wash their hair a week, what type of shampoo is used, the less care. with hair, the less time it will take.

[Q] How often can I apply the product?
[R] It can be applied as soon as the root has grown, we don't have a set time for reapplying.

[Q] What color is the product (cream)?
R] Progressive color is purple as shown in the product images.

[Q] What is the difference between Brazilian Keratin and Amazon Oil?
[R] Both have the same 100% straightening power, the main difference is the product specification, Brazilian Keratin we specify for medium, fine colored hair, and with chemo it has a greater nutritional load, in addition to medium reconstructive power. .

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