Honma Tokyo (Wennoz Brazil)

Nanoplasty Bio Coconut Collagen, 1L Honma Tokyo (Wennoz Brazil)

376,80 BRL 471,00 BRL
Honma Tokyo (Wennoz Brazil)

Nanoplasty Bio Coconut Collagen, 1L Honma Tokyo (Wennoz Brazil)

376,80 BRL 471,00 BRL
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Nanoplasty Bio Coconut Collagen was developed by the popular Brazilian company Honma Tokyo for hair restoration and straightening. The amino acid formula is comfortable to use due to the absence of aggressive components. The product has a gel-like consistency, which significantly saves consumption.

Among the active ingredients are collagen, coconut oil and wheat protein, which provide ultra hydration, repair, straightening, protection and shine.

Action of Honma Tokyo Coconut Collagen Nanoplasty:

  • Straightens any curl;
  • Smoothes fluffy curls;
  • Gives elasticity and smoothness;
  • Regenerates damaged structure;
  • Makes hair obedient, hardy;
  • Intensively moisturizes curls;
  • Protects from environmental influences;
  • Gives a healthy shine and silkiness;
  • Seals split ends;
  • Thickens and softens hair.

Advantages of the tool:

  • Gel consistency saves consumption;
  • The safe composition does not irritate the mucous membrane;
  • Long-term straightening and deep moisturizing;
  • Additional protection against external influences;
  • Ideal for natural normal hair;
  • Nutritious ingredients included.

The effect lasts up to 6 months with high-quality care and a cumulative effect.

Instructions for use:

Step 1

Apply the bio-collagen formulation 1 cm from the roots, working through the hair with a fine-toothed comb. Do the same for the other areas. Soak the composition on the hair from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the desired result.

* Be sure to carry out the entire procedure with GLOVES.

* Shake vigorously before application.

Step 2

After the exposure time, rinse thoroughly and make sure that the hair is completely rinsed*. Remove excess moisture with a towel.

*In the case of working with difficult-to-style hair, wash off the composition by 50%.

Step 3

Using an iron, work through each strand 7 to 20 times, depending on the desired result. For discipline of hair - 7-15 times, for the maximum effect of straightening - 15-20 times. The thickness of the strand is 0.5 - 1 cm. Work out the rest of the zones in the same way.

Step 4

After processing the entire volume of hair, let them cool. After that, the hair must be washed without using shampoo.


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