Deep cleansing shampoo

The principle of operation of deep cleaning shampoos of different brands is very similar, the difference is only in ph. It is not necessary to buy your own CGS for each composition. But, choosing the composition, we also focus on the condition of the hair, right? Therefore, strong keratin and a harsh shampoo from one line are suitable for ethnic hair, and nourishing Botox and a cleansing shampoo of low alkalinity from another line are suitable for dyed hair.
The main and main characteristic of the properties of the shampoo is its pH, or acidity / alkalinity.

Consider how the pH of the shampoo affects its purpose:

✅ PH 8-9 - alkaline value, deep cleaning shampoo, washes everything out of the hair, has a harsh effect on the hair. Used before treatments to open keratin scales on natural, untreated hair. If this is not done, many procedures may simply not be taken on hair in good condition.

! Shampoo with a high pH level should not be applied to burnt hair ⠀
✅ pH 7 - cleansing shampoo with a neutral pH value, used to prepare slightly damaged hair, such as dyed hair, for keratin straightening or Botox procedures. ⠀
✅ PH 5.5 - shampoo for daily use, suitable for the care of normal hair, required to prepare for the procedures of severely damaged, repeatedly bleached hair. ⠀
✅ pH 4-4.5 shampoo with acidic pH, used for hair after the procedure, to preserve the results of the keratin straightening, Botox or coloring procedure. Gently affects the hair, Helps to maintain the quality of the hair and the ingredients of the procedure.

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