Exoplasty Exo Hair Exoplasy Kit Ultratech Keratin Professional Hair Straightening (2*1 L)

860,00 BRL

Exoplasty Exo Hair Exoplasy Kit Ultratech Keratin Professional Hair Straightening (2*1 L)

860,00 BRL
Only 1 units of this product remain

Exoplasty - Revolutionary Hair Nanotechnology!

Exo Hair Exoplasy Kit Ultratech Keratin Professional Hair Straightening

Formaldehyde-free straightening kit - Nanoplastic.

Exo Hair Exoplastia Ultratech Keratin Hair Straightener straightens hair without emitting smoke, strong odor or compromising hair health.

The Exo Hair Exoplaty Ultratech nano hair straightening kit is an innovative formaldehyde-free treatment that does not harm the health of either the client or the hairdresser.

Exoplasty incorporates the hair shaft into a 3D thermopolymer network that restructures, repositions and realigns the hair in a new, all-natural format.


Exo Hair Exoplasty Access - Shampoo 1l

Exo Hair Exoplasty Ultratech Keratin - Hair straightener 1l

How does she act?!

Hair has a natural anionic (negative) surface electrostatic charge. When washed and disinfected with Access Shampoo, this anionicity is enhanced, preparing the hair for the next steps;

Since the cuticle is usually semi-permeable, exo ultratech keratin penetrates the cortex quickly.

Thanks to the cationic (reverse) electrostatic charge, Exo Ultratech Keratin molecules are attracted like “magnets” to the protein radicals of the cortex and cuticle; 30 minutes is the time required for KUP® to be absorbed by the hair fiber.

A mandatory pause time of 30 to 60 minutes is necessary for perfect adsorption and absorption of the active substances into the substrate. After a break, the hair must be thoroughly rinsed to completely remove excess product;

The thermopolymer is formed by the heat generated by the hair dryer.

The method of applying the composition:

1) Wash your hair 2 times with shampoo, rinse and dry completely.

2) Apply Nanoplasty to absolutely dry hair, retreating 0.5 cm from the roots of the head, let the composition work.

3) For thin hair: 30 to 40 minutes, medium hair: 40-50 minutes, for thick hair: 50-60 minutes.

4) Wash off for 5-10 minutes. Apply a mattifier to the blonde.

5) Slowly seal the hair with a flat iron, each strand 12 times, at a temperature of the iron from 190 to 230 degrees.

6) Avoid temperatures over 190 degrees for blonde, red or weak hair. Work more with the roots, less with the long and ends of the hair.

7) Ideally, do not wet your head for 72 hours.

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