Honma Tokyo

Coffee Green, 1L HONMA TOKYO

600,00 BRL
Coffee Green, 1L HONMA TOKYO
Honma Tokyo

Coffee Green, 1L HONMA TOKYO

600,00 BRL
Only 3 units of this product remain

Nanoplastic Coffee Green by HONMA TOKIO (in Brazil this brand is called Wennoz) is a bio-protein composition for hair straightening in 1 step

Does not contain formaldehyde! Allowed for pregnant, lactating mothers and children from 11 years old!

The Brazilian remedy Honma Tokyo Coffee Green was created for salon amino acid straightening of curls of all types. Ideal for smoothing hard, natural hair. naughty, fluffy and curly hair.

The main feature of this tool is a safe composition. The formula of Honma Tokyo Coffee Green does not contain aggressive ingredients such as formaldehyde. Therefore, nanoplastics do not have pungent odors during evaporation. It is also approved for use by pregnant women and allergy sufferers.

As part of Honma Tokyo Coffee Green:

Extracts of coffee, oats and red pepper;
keratin molecules;
Hydrolyzed soy and wheat protein;
Lactic acid;
Tomato, avocado and cupuaçu seed oils;
Castor, sesame and palm oils;
amino acid complex Amino LCC.
The formula is built into the structure, transforming it:

Straightens curl and eliminates fluffiness;
Disciplines and facilitates styling;
Gives smoothness, softness and shine;
Neutralizes yellowness with purple pigment;
Reduces porosity and brittleness of hair;
Creates a protective layer against environmental influences;
Safely removes the pigment of dyed hair;
Repairs split ends.

Mode of application:

Step 1 - Rinse your hair with regular shampoo or Honma Tokyo Deep Cleansing Shampoo

step 2 - blow-dry hair 50-100%, divide into the desired number of zones and apply COFFEE GREEN

step 3 - withstand the composition for 40-50 minutes, rinse the hair with water and dry it with a hair dryer without brushing by 100%

step 4 - Using the styler, select thin strands and work them out at a temperature of 210-230 degrees, depending on the type of hair

Step 5 - Allow hair to cool, rinse with warm water until product is completely removed and apply any Honma Tokyo brand mask. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 6 - Make the desired styling


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