Cold Recovery

daily damage (eg, sun rays, pollution), as well as chemical effects (straightening, dyeing) break the structure and make the strands porous, brittle. We always strive to have beautiful curls, we are looking for ways to restore them. The solution for healthy curls is simple: a cold recovery procedure. This will help restore shine and softness.

What is cold hair restoration?
Cold recovery is a revolutionary way to repair damaged and brittle hair. Working at extremely low temperatures, the drug acts on the hair, restoring damaged fibers. This technology, as it were, freezes the nutrients in the structure.

You can do the procedure in two ways
1. With the help of special compositions, without the use of ironing.

The YBERA vello set of pre-shampoo, purifying shampoo, mask and serum is the perfect formula for thorough hair restoration. Prevent hair loss, restore vitality, promote the growth of curls. Order at the store.

2. With the help of ultrasound. Means penetrate the hair thanks to ultrasound and infrared rays. Then they are converted into steam, penetrating into the bulb. Cold ultrasonic hair restoration is done with compositions containing hyaluronic acid, minerals, peptides, ceramides.

Is it worth doing?
Naturally, any procedure suits someone, someone does not. Consider all the pros and cons.


The curls become dense, do not weigh down, stop fluffing.
There is additional protection against the effects of styling.
The tips no longer split, as they are sealed.
It is easier to do styling, because they become obedient.
Additional food for bulbs.
The effect is noticeable after the first procedure.
Enhances color brightness.
The procedure can be done in the salon and at home.

Cold molecular hair restoration does not give a long-term result - about 3 weeks.
If there is gray hair, there will be no result.
Care is needed.
There are practically no contraindications for carrying out. However, if you have recently done highlighting or dyed your hair, it is better to wait.

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