Cauterization Chronogram

Hair cauterization is the smoothing of strands from the outside and restoration from the inside with the help of a special conditionally therapeutic composition, which includes vitamins, proteins and trace elements.
Cauterization of hair strengthens its natural strength, the strands become more resistant to temperature extremes, ultraviolet radiation, recover faster after chemical and thermal effects. Say, the same gives, for example, keratinization or lamination. Perhaps. But here the trick is in the composition: it is predominantly natural.
How is hair cautery done?
On average, one cauterization session takes from 30 to 40 minutes - it all depends on the length, thickness of the hair and the type of procedure (cold cauterization is faster). The procedure is safe, uncomplicated, predictable, ruining the hair in the process (many people are afraid of this for some reason) is sooo difficult.
It is carried out in the same way as hot, only the stage with the curling iron is skipped. Cold cautery is considered more gentle, but also less effective. Masters advise doing it on slightly damaged hair.
Today we will talk about the Cauterization procedure.
Cautioning is a reconstruction procedure much like healing a hair wound.
What is the difference between Chronogram and Cautery, you ask?
The main difference between the two is that cauterization is carried out at hot temperatures.
It penetrates deeper into the hair structure and can only be carried out in salons!
But WARNING! This procedure is not straightening, it is aimed specifically at restoring the hair!
How to perform?!
1st step: wash your hair twice with shampoo only and remove excess moisture from the strands with a towel (deep cleaning shampoo can be used at this stage);
2nd step: then spray liquid keratin on the entire length of the hair and leave for 10 minutes (you can use a gun)
3rd step: after a break, apply a moisturizing mask and leave it to act for another 5 minutes;
4th step: after the action time, rinse the hair completely and apply a thermal protector;
5th step: to finish, you will need heat to seal the cuticles of the threads - ideally this step is done with a hair dryer and ironing (iron temperature not higher than 200ºC).
Application frequency:
1) Healthy hair: natural and chemical-free hair - once a month;
2) Damaged hair: every two weeks, combined with a chronogram, alternating cauterization and chronogram;
Be careful: this intensive procedure should be done only until the hair is restored.
After that, return to the frequency with longer intervals between processes.

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