Bixiplasty is a modified version of keratin straightening, a treatment that has dominated the salon arsenal for several years. If we evaluate the procedure in terms of effect, then it combines the result of Botox and keratin.
Long-term hair straightening became especially popular at the end of the 20th century. However, many products since that time have been distinguished by a rather aggressive composition, which, in addition to a positive effect, also had a negative effect on the condition of the strands.

This is what inspired modern specialists to create not only high-quality, but also the safest means. This is how bixiplasty appeared - a complex of tools that is aimed at simultaneously straightening and restoring hair at the cellular level.

Despite the fact that heat treatment is used for the procedure, it remains one of the most delicate. This is due to the abundance of natural ingredients, which, penetrating deep into the structure of the strands, nourish them and saturate them with useful substances.

The basis of recovery is the amino acid cysteine, which is able to open the cuticles for nutrients to enter them.
Benefits of hair plastic surgery
The bixiplasty procedure is unique in its essence and helps women quickly and permanently restore the damaged hair structure. Plastic curls have achieved their popularity due to the large number of advantages:

Straightening for almost all types of hair. Bixiplasty does not work except for very small Afro curls.
Due to its composition, the product is able to penetrate deeply into the hair structure and restore it at the cellular level.
You can forget about split ends forever. Plastic securely seals the hair. In addition, you do not need daily styling of strands with an iron, hair dryer and styling products. Hair becomes perfectly smooth and obedient.
The procedure for plastic strands is as simple as possible, due to which you can do it, both in the salon and at home.
Already after the first procedure, the curls look well-groomed and beautiful. They acquire a healthy shine strength. In this case, the effect persists for two to three months.
In the composition you will not find harmful components such as preservatives or formaldehydes. This makes the products absolutely safe for your health.
Bixiplasty is a unique procedure that is aimed at simultaneously straightening and restoring the damaged structure of the strands. Due to the absolutely safe composition, plastic surgery has no contraindications. The main thing is to choose a quality product and follow all the instructions for applying it.

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