Le Pro Cosmetics

Spray Anti Emborracamento Le Protein - Le Prö Cosmetics, 200ml

85,00 BRL
Spray Anti Emborracamento Le Protein - Le Prö Cosmetics, 200ml
Le Pro Cosmetics

Spray Anti Emborracamento Le Protein - Le Prö Cosmetics, 200ml

85,00 BRL

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Le Protein is a nourishing and keratin replenishing fluid spray ideal for damaged or weakened hair. Its action guarantees the restructuring of the threads, restoring their original elasticity and eliminating elasticity and flabbiness.

The secret to this transformation lies in a powerful blend of amino acids and proteins derived from hydrolyzed collagen and wheat protein. These ingredients work in synergy to replenish nutrients and keratin lost due to chemical treatments from the inside out. This special blend promotes the bonding of the hair's hydrogen bonds, strengthening them and providing more stability to the strands, thus preventing hair loss due to breakage.


Lactic Acid: Hydrates and improves hair elasticity.

Aloe extract: strengthens, regenerates and soothes the scalp.

Hydrolyzed Collagen: Strengthens, improves elasticity and hydrates hair.


Restores damaged hair, restoring their health and vitality.

Replacing essential nutrients and proteins to strengthen hair.

Provides maximum hydration, leaving hair deeply nourished and hydrated.

It strengthens the hair, making it stronger and less prone to breakage.

Returns softness and smoothness to hair, making them silky to the touch.

Replacement of keratin lost as a result of aggressive chemical processes.

Eliminates the rubbery effect that can occur on damaged hair, restoring its natural elasticity.

Usage method:

Wash your hair to make sure it is clean and free of impurities.

Apply the product to all hair, working strand by strand, avoiding contact with the scalp.

Take a 10 to 20 minute break

Rinse with water only until all product has been removed.

Finish how you want.

Usage Tips:

To determine the health of the hair and the need for treatment, we suggest doing an elasticity test. Do the following:

Take a section of hair and twist the ends around your fingers.

When the thread is completely wound, begin to slowly pull it, not intending to break it.

Elasticity test results:

Healthy hair: If the hair stretches and returns to normal immediately after pulling out, it means that the hair is healthy and not worried about elasticity.

Maintenance Needs: If the hair stretches like chewing gum and doesn't bounce back to normal after pulling out, resulting in immediate breakage, it's an indication that the strands are too stretchy. In these cases, the strands are weak and damaged, and capillary reconstruction is urgently needed. For the treatment of these cases, we recommend the combined use of the Total Repair Le Prö Cosmetics line with Le Protein.


Indicated for damaged, chemically aggressive and elastic hair.

Quantity: 200ml

professional use

Cylindrical bottle with spray valve


Treatment Type: Treatment


Contains fragrance


Can Le Protein be used during the recovery phase?

Yes, as the hair in need of remodeling is likely to have the wrong pH and open cuticles.

How often should I use Le Protein?

It is recommended to use Le Protein once a week or as needed for hair. Observe the results and adjust the frequency of use depending on the condition of the hair.

Is Le Protein suitable after keratin or straightening nanoplasty?

Yes, Le Protein can. Its action of replenishing nutrients and keratin helps to strengthen the hair and keep the effect of smoothness longer.

Does Le Protein make hair heavy or greasy?

No, Le Protein is a lightweight fluid spray that absorbs quickly into the strands without leaving hair feeling heavy or greasy. Provides hydration and nourishment without compromising the lightness and natural look of the hair.


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