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165,00 BRL

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The FELPS CRONOGRAMA NUTRIFORCE hair restoration and care program is a hair needs-focused treatment, a specific care program for exactly what your hair needs right now. Consists of the perfect pair of Botox for maximum effect: FELPS SOS TREATMENT and FELPS MARULA HYPERNUTRITION. Perfect couple - maximum result!

The process lasts a month and has two stages, which vary depending on what is needed at a particular moment: nutrition or hair restoration.

Recovery If the goal is to restore elasticity, strength and mass to hair when it is thin, brittle and with split ends, use intensive Botox for damaged and chemically treated hair -FELPS SOS TREATMENT. It will restore strength and endurance, remodel fibers, stop chemical breakdown and close cuticles after chemical processes. Hair will become moisturized, nourished, soft, elastic and with intense shine. In the composition of amino acids, proteins, moringa and argan oils, hydrolyzed keratin, honey enzymes and sweet potato extract.

Nutrition If the hair is dry, rough, dull and has lost its brightness, it probably needs nutrition. Botox FELPS MARULA HYPERNUTRITION is recommended for use on such hair, but is also suitable for prevention for any hair. It contains vitamin C, omega 6 and 9, which significantly restore curls, provide high brightness and excessive nutrition to the hair. In addition, it smoothes and seals the cuticle. Its composition, in addition to marula oil and amino acids, contains collagen, which prevents brittleness, hydrolyzed keratin, which restores strength, whey protein, which increases resistance to negative factors and promotes elasticity.

Precautions: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Store in a cool place out of the reach of children.

Application: - Apply SOS Treatment Mask to clean and dry hair. Spread over the entire length from roots to ends - Leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse.- Remove excess water with a towel.- Apply MARULA HYPERNUTRITION. Spread over the entire length from roots to ends - Leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse - Dry and style as desired - Procedure completed.

The capillary schedule should be applied every 15 days. A separate product should be applied once a week.

*IMPORTANT:1. KNOW WHAT YOUR HAIR NEEDS: Before setting a hair treatment SCHEDULE, understand what your hair needs. Coarse, dry and tangled hair requires more moisturizing steps. Weak and curly hair needs more nourishment. Hair that has recently been chemically treated and is brittle, porous, or lacking in thickness needs to be repaired faster. 2. DETERMINE TREATMENT DAYS Ideal to always start with moisture and have more treatment steps that your hair needs the most. But remember: during the reconstruction phase, more care is required. If the hair is slightly damaged, the procedure can be carried out only once a month. If the hair is very fragile, the procedure can be carried out no more than every 15 days.


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