Le Prö Cosmetics

Nanoplasty Organic Single Pass by Le Prö Cosmetics, 300gr

200,00 BRL
Le Prö Cosmetics

Nanoplasty Organic Single Pass by Le Prö Cosmetics, 300gr

200,00 BRL
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Le Prö Cosmetics Organic Hair Straightening Nanoplasty acts on the strands as a whole, nourishing them from the inside and guaranteeing smooth, shiny and healthy hair as a result.

Its 100% formaldehyde-free formula is made with 100% natural and organic plant-derived ingredients that deliver more benefits to the hair, resulting in healthier hair at the end of the treatment.

Organic one-step nanoplasty offers all the benefits of conventional nanoplasty, but with the advantage that it does not contain harsh chemicals or formaldehyde. Its innovative formula consists of 5 100% organic active ingredients: okra extract, aloe vera, hydrolyzed wheat protein, lactic acid and castor oil.

These components do not harm the hair and do not destabilize the scalp. To avoid excessive oiliness and flaking of the scalp, unwanted side effects. In addition, opening the cuticle allows the active ingredients to penetrate the cuticle and reach their innermost layer, keeping them supple and moist.

So many benefits in one product!

- Hair straightening

- Simultaneous reconstruction with proteins and vitamins

- Incredible shine

- Removes shine

- Prolonged effect

-Easy application

- Formula 100% formula free

- Formula enriched with vitamins and amino acids

-Can be applied to chemically treated hair

- Does not oxidize / does not dull the color of the blond

-Does not hurt the scalp

1. Wash your hair with a deep cleaning shampoo;
2. Rub the root well, forming a thick and light foam to the tips;
3. Rinse hair well under running water, removing all product;
4. To apply nanoplastics, place an average of 85 ml in a bowl, depending on the amount and length of hair;
5.Starting from the back of the head, apply the product along the entire length of the hair in thin strands.
6. Comb the ends with a fine-toothed comb;
7. Leave the agent to act from 50 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the thickness and porosity of the threads;

Directions for use: To enhance the effect of the product, after the pause time, heat the product still on the hair with a hair dryer, wait until it cools down and follow the procedure.

8. Rinse and remove 90% to 100% nanoplastics with water only;
9. Dry your hair 100% with a hair dryer;
10. After dividing the hair into thin sections, iron 230 ° on average 15 times for each strand.
ATTENTION: Before any chemical procedure on the hair, it is necessary to carry out a test on the strands!

In our telegram channel there is a video of the application technique of this product https://t.me/beautybrazilnet

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