Le Pro Cosmetics

Hair Masks from LePro Cosmeticos, 3*1kg

630,00 BRL
Le Pro Cosmetics

Hair Masks from LePro Cosmeticos, 3*1kg

630,00 BRL

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Hair masks MOISTURIZING+STRENGTH from LePro Cosmeticos, 2*1l (can be used as universal substrates)

1) Hidrate Repair Moisturizing Mask 1 kg - Le Pro Cosmetics

The Le Pro Cosmetics Hydrate Repair Daily Use line was designed to balance the nutrients in the hair and repair the damage caused by the passage of time. With nourishing and moisturizing properties, it restores the cuticle and heals the hairs in general. Prevents split ends, strengthens the hair fiber and makes hair more shiny and silky.

Designed for all hair types, cleanses, conditions and prevents hair damage. In addition, it balances nutrients and oiliness, cleanses and prevents dandruff on the scalp.

Free of parabens, paraffins & mineral oil.


Hydrolyzed Keratin: This is a low molecular weight active substance that easily penetrates the hair cuticle and dissolves in water. Restores, moisturizes and conditions hair, giving it shine. Replaces the keratin lost over time from the threads, renewing them. Its fixation on fabrics is high, it remains in the threads even after rinsing.

Bi-Distilled Glycerin: Promotes intense hydration, strengthens the hair fiber, fights split ends and controls frizz, resulting in brighter, softer hair.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5): acts on the scalp to balance the levels of proteins and lipids present, promoting faster growth. It has a repairing effect on the wires, strengthening and conditioning them, moisturizing and even reducing the formation of split ends.

Grape seed lipids: 100% plant-active, contain vitamin C, E, omega-6 and beta-carotene. It has an antioxidant function for the threads, reduces oiliness and prevents dandruff on the skin, and also provides nutrition, hydration and shine.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: After using the shampoo, apply the Le Prö Cosmetics Moisturizing Revitalizing Mask to damp hair along the entire length. Comb until you notice uniformity in application. Let him rest for 5 minutes. Rinse as usual and finish as desired.

Ingredients: Água* Álcool Cetoestearílico* Giicerina * Cloreto De Cetrimônio* Cloreto De Berrentrimônio* Álcool Isopropilico* Alquil Amido Propil Dimetilamina* Perfume: Salicilato De Benzila/Limoneno/Linalol* Peg-40 / Ppg-8 Metil Amino Propil/Hydro Propil Dimeticone Copolymero *Ácido Lático* Óleo De Semente De Uva* Manteiga De Karité* Queratina Hidrolisada* Edta Dissódico* Pantenol* Metil Cloro Isotiazolinona/Metil Isotizolinona*

2) Nutri Force hair mask 1 kg - Le Pro Cosmetics

The Nutri Force Le Pro Cosmetics mask acts as a natural and effective relaxant. It delivers all the necessary nutrients to the strands for intensive, balanced care without weighing down the hair. It acts as a deep injection of nutrilipids into the fiber, restoring its structure. It keeps volume and frizz under control, curves are crisp and defined, but without losing movement or flexibility.

A powerful blend of Coconut Lipids and Vegetable Nutrient Lipids deeply nourishes to promote total fiber control.

A new synergy of treatments for curly, very curly or even bleached hair. An unparalleled combination of the highest technology with a wealth of specially selected natural ingredients.


COCONUT LIPIDS: Restoring system, acts on the structure of the threads, restoring the capillary fiber rich in vitamin E, strengthens and creates a protective film on the threads. Provides moisture, nutrition, smoothing and sealing the cuticle, increasing refractive power, that is, the hair acquires enhanced shine.

LIPIDIC NUTRI BLEND: Provides nourishment and deep hydration to the strands, eliminating dry ends. It works as a shield for wires from heat, whether it is thermal appliances such as a dryer, flat iron and curling iron.

Composition: Água* Álcool Cetoestearílico* Giicerina * Cloreto De Cetrimônio* Alquil Amido Propil Dimetilamina* Cloreto De Berrentrimônio* Álcool Isopropilico* Peg-40 / Ppg-8 Metil Amino Propil / Hidro Propil Dimeticone Copolímero*
Manteiga De Karité* Óleo De Coco* Perfume: Alfa-Hexicil Cinamaldeído / Álcool Benzílico / Cirtonelol / Limoneno-D. Ácido Lático* Edta Dissódico* Butilhidroxitolueno* Metil Cloro Isotiazolinona / Metil Isotizolinona*

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