Eaê Cosméticos

Nanoplasty LissEver Blond 1 Litro - Eaê! Cosmetics

348,50 BRL 410,00 BRL
Nanoplasty LissEver Blond 1 Litro - Eaê! Cosmetics
Eaê Cosméticos

Nanoplasty LissEver Blond 1 Litro - Eaê! Cosmetics

348,50 BRL 410,00 BRL
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Nanoplasty with blue pigment LissEver Blond - Step 2

The Eaê Cosméticos Blond Liss Ever Reduction Mask is a formaldehyde-free, intelligent treatment that leaves strands with long-lasting smoothness, the only treatment that contains special nutrients that deliver immediate volumizing results. Specially formulated with keratin and vegetable oil to help enhance shine and exceptional softness while hydrating and nourishing the hair fiber.

How to use:

1 - Wet hair and apply SHGO, if necessary, 2 times.
2 - Dry the hair, application is necessary on 100% dry hair so that the product penetrates the strands better.
3 - Divide your hair into 4 sections: forehead to nape and ear to ear.
4 - Start applying the product with a comb and brush, passing the product in thin strands, from top to bottom.
5 - After applying to all hair, let it work for 40 to 60 minutes (this will depend on the thickness of the strands).
6 - rinse 50%
7 - Dry your hair with a hair dryer.
8 - After dividing the hair into thin strands, run the iron strand by strand from the roots to the ends, slowly 15-25 times.
9 - Finish as you wish.

- Effective and long straightening;
- Deep hydration and silkiness;
- Extraordinary brightness;
- food;
- Reconstruction and retexturing of the hair fiber;
- replacement of keratin;
- Antioxidant and rejuvenating effect;
- Repair of fragile areas;
- Reducing excessive fluffiness and repairing split ends;
- Simple and practical application;
- Without formaldehyde.

Pro Tips:
- Always use an original professional flat iron certified by your local Inmetro Certified
- Bleached, Blonde, Highlighted and Colored Hair: Use temperatures up to 200°C (400°F) whenever possible to completely avoid fading.
- Thick, very unmanageable and difficult hair: Use a 230ºC (450ºF) flat iron on very fine strands and more times.

For all hair types and colors: unmanageable, wavy, curly, colored, blonde, blonde and strands. Compatible with all previous chemicals (do a strand test)

General issues:

* Is it compatible with all chemicals?
A: LissEver can be used with any chemical previously applied to your hair, with the exception of products containing lead, no matter how small the percentage.

* How long can I use LissEver after bleaching or coloring my hair?
A: Allow an average interval of 7 days to apply LissEver after any chemical hair treatment. We recommend, without exception, to carry out a strand test before application.

* Can it be used by pregnant and lactating women?
A: Yes, it has no contraindications for use by pregnant and lactating women, but medical approval is required for use.

* How long does the smooth effect last?
A: The average life of the product on the hair is 3 months, after this period only reapplication is necessary as the root grows.

* Can it be used on bleached hair?
A: Yes, if you remember that in addition to straightening, LissEver Progressive also tones blond hair.

* Does it have a strong smell? Does it burn your eyes?
A: It does not have a strong odor and does not sting the eyes.

* Can children use it?
A: It is recommended to use the products in children over 12 years of age.

* Can the composition be applied to any kind of hair?
Oh yeah! And those who are already straight and want to reduce frizz and add more shine, as well as those who want to straighten waves or curls. The only contraindication concerns the health of the threads: those that are severely damaged have a high chance of breaking due to the procedure. First of all, you need to strengthen the strands with a capillary composition so that they are ready for the procedure.

* How to make straightening last longer?
A: You need to moisturize your hair and use home care products if you want to keep your curls straight. Similarly, whenever using a hair dryer, be sure to apply a leave-in heat protectant. The goal is to preserve and strengthen the outer layer of the hair.

* Can anyone who has had progressive hair coloring color their hair?
A: Yes, you can. Ideally, the composition should be carried out before staining, so that there is no such strong fading of color.

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