Royal Profissional

Nanoplasty from Royal Protanino Pro Active - 1L

170,00 BRL
Nanoplasty from Royal Protanino Pro Active - 1L
Royal Profissional

Nanoplasty from Royal Protanino Pro Active - 1L

170,00 BRL


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Provides sealed, disciplined, flowing, lightweight, soft hair with intense shine, controlled volume, completely free of frizz and unruly strands. Aloe vera amino acids that reorganize the structure of the cortex and capillary cuticles, resulting in natural, soft, manageable and shiny hair for a long time.
Pro Active Protanino Organica is designed for chemically treated wavy or curly hair and can be used on all hair types, including bleached hair, without yellowing or changing tone.

> Effective straightening with extreme shine;
> Excellent even for afro curl

Pro Active Protanino Organica is a treatment that leaves hair frizz-free and perfectly smooth. With the help of the products of the line, a professional hairdresser performs a heat sealing service that helps to restore capillaries from the inside and helps turn damaged strands into smooth, shiny and completely aligned hair. Hair is deeply restored, shiny and soft.


1) With My Deep Cleansing Shampoo 2 times, depending on how dirty the hair is. If the hair is very silicone, leave the shampoo to act for 5 minutes.
2) Apply to semi-moist hair (remove moisture with a towel). We apply a LOT and help distribute the composition with a comb.
3) Pause (depending on the type of curl, from 40 to 90 minutes
4) Washing (approximately 40 seconds)
5) Dry 100%
6) Broaches are slow, from 10 to 25. Be careful with the tips (it is better to apply a thermal protector or Botox with a good film.
We solder until crumbly and shiny.
7) Rinse with Shampoo
8) Mask
9) Wash off.
10) Dry

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