Nanoplasty Marroquina Orgânica Kiuse Cosmeticos

490,00 BRL
Nanoplasty Marroquina Orgânica Kiuse Cosmeticos

Nanoplasty Marroquina Orgânica Kiuse Cosmeticos

490,00 BRL
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Nanoplasty MARROQUINA ORGANIC from KIUSE Cosméticos is the best solution for hair straightening without formaldehyde. It gives hair softness, natural straightening and intense shine, and also restores hair fiber. Its hair straightening ability is excellent and the results are fantastic for African hair. And in addition to creating perfect straightening, this nanoplastic also moisturizes the hair, as it contains moisturizing components in its composition.

It is suitable for all hair types, including blonde.

Advantages of MARROQUINA ORGANIC KIUSE nanoplastics:

- Does not cause burning, tears or discomfort when applied;

- Truly perfect and natural straightening without the need for additional correction;

- Very high degree of straightening and long-lasting effect;

- Color protection, reduction of fading and dullness, as well as elimination of yellowness in blond hair (hair with a light tone up to 8), since the product contains Blond components;

- Long-term preservation of the effect of directness and naturalness;

- Restoration of hair mass and return of strength thanks to proteins and amino acids contained in the composition;

- Straightening with hydration and intense shine;

- Does not make hair ends dry or damaged, but on the contrary, nourishes and repairs them;

- Hair becomes softer, more flexible, shiny and has natural movement and volume.

HOW TO USE: Apply MARROQUINA ORGANIC evenly to damp hair, divided into zones, pulling the product from the roots to the ends of the hair, strand by strand, using a thick comb, leaving 0.5 cm from the roots. Hold for 40-60 minutes, depending on the hair structure. If the hair is very difficult and you want to continue the treatment, no problem - extend the time. After setting time, remove excess product by running a fine-tooth comb or damp towel, then clarify and iron through fine strands. Keep in mind that for blondes, you need to lower the temperature of the iron.

Questions about the progressive product MARROQUINA ORGANIC:

Is it compatible with all chemicals?
Yes, however we always recommend doing a test section first to find out what condition the hair structure is in. Hair that has already been heavily treated with chemicals may be weakened.

Can it be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and children?
It is possible because it does not contain formaldehyde.

Can it make afro hair straight the first time?
Yes, it will make your hair straight, you just need to increase the exposure time and not remove the product from the hair before straightening and ironing, but only remove the excess and leave the product on the hair.
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