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Felps XNutritive Nourishing Botox with Royal Jelly and Elixir Complex (a combination of amino acids and vegetable proteins) replenishes the nutritional deficiencies of dry, porous and sensitive hair by replenishing nutrients. Nourishes without weighing down and moisturizes from the entire length to the ends, leaving hair shiny, silky, soft and light.

Royal jelly is rich in various vitamins, especially vitamins A, B, C and E, and also contains 17 types of amino acids responsible for growth, renewal and repair.

It also contains a large concentration of minerals such as: potassium; Iron; magnesium; zinc; sulfur; silicon; Calcium, thereby providing a healthy, strong and shiny hair fiber, stimulating the hair follicle, reducing hair loss.


Thanks to its antioxidant action, royal jelly improves hair health by interrupting the action of free radicals. Rich in trace elements (traces mean little. These are substances of mineral origin that can be extracted from nature).

Its action is based on the protection of the surface of the thread with peptides and higher molecular weight protein fractions, which help to control the volume and nourish the threads. Its concentration of vitamins, in particular vitamin C, is directly involved in the production of collagen. Helps hair fiber to become stronger, healthier and brighter.


Rejuvenating, Antioxidant, Repairing, Firming, Radiant & Soft.

Elixir Complex: A combination of vegetable proteins such as soy, wheat and corn that together form a composition rich in amino acids. These amino acids are already part of the hair fiber, more than with chemical and mechanical influences, such as a hair dryer and iron, the strands are lost.

Elixir Complex has a low molecular weight that facilitates penetration, helps to strengthen the hair fiber and promotes deep hair repair. This perfect combination helps to repair the damage done to the structure of the hair, strengthening the strands and giving them extraordinary shine. An active that helps maintain the moisture of the threads, leaving them hydrated and silky.


Eliminates frizz, adds shine, restores, softens, improves penetration, seals the cuticle, strengthens, revitalizes, regenerates. Indications: all types of hair: curly, bleached, dyed, dry, chemically treated, porous and sensitive hair.

1) As a home care post-chemical mask: spread the mask over the entire length of damp, clean hair. Massage gently, leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. The result is renewed hair with intense shine, manageability and softness.

2) Nourishing Botox: - Rinse hair with deep cleansing shampoo 1-2 times. - Dry hair by 80-90%. Spread evenly over the entire length.- Leave for 15-20 minutes.- Wash off the composition with warm water by 90%.- Dry 100% with a hot hair dryer.- The procedure is completed.

3) Salon instructions (intensive SPA treatment): - Rinse hair with deep cleaning shampoo 1-2 times. - Dry hair by 80-90%. - Divide hair into sectors. - Apply composition to strands without excess. Spread evenly over the entire length. - Leave for 15-20 minutes. - Rinse off the composition with warm water by 70% - Dry 100% with a hot hairdryer - Straighten the hair with an iron. Temperature up to 160C. Up to 6 broaches for each strand - The procedure is completed.

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