Nanoplasty Zap Extreme 1l

24,00 BRL 240,00 BRL
Nanoplasty Zap Extreme 1l

Nanoplasty Zap Extreme 1l

24,00 BRL 240,00 BRL

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Zap Extreme Progressive Formaldehyde Free

The line of products offered and provided by Zap Cosméticos is known nationally for the quality of the products it brings to you. It is one of the most trusted options for professionals in the field, guaranteeing its customers the best product both in terms of satisfactory results and customer health.

The products have been specifically designed with the latest technology and specifically specified to produce a satisfactory result. All this because its raw materials are carefully selected, which guarantees maximum quality and efficiency.

The Zap Extreme Line was created for hair that really needs discipline and alignment. Your hair will be incredibly manageable, with intense shine and no frizz. Restores the natural beauty of the hair, making it soft and silky, and also helps to straighten the strands with an incomparable shine.


Extreme shiny nanoplastic.

Designed to restore the hair fiber. Rich in chia oil and keratin, the ideal formulation to hydrate hair for intense shine and strength.


Extreme Glitter

- Extremely unruly hair, voluminous, curly and unruly.

chia oil
Hydrolyzed keratin.
Chia oil:
Promotes intense and long-lasting hydration of the hair. Its antioxidant action prevents fading and aging of the hair. Amino acids, amino acids present in high concentration, contribute to the processing of threads.
Hydrolyzed Keratin:

Keratin is the main protein in hair strands and gives hair its flexibility and strength. Hair damage is mainly caused by chemical treatments such as straightening and coloring, frequent use of a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron, and excessive exposure to chlorine and sunlight. Lack of keratin makes hair brittle, dull, sensitive, coarse, porous and frizzy. Treatment based on keratin or amino acids serves as a substrate for the production of keratin and filling the areas.
Product action:

The actives responsible for the reconstructive action and the resulting reduction in frizz are a mixture of proteins, acids and organic oils. The action is due to the affinity for damaged hair, which forms a film covering the thread, which, upon thermal activation, crystallizes on the surface of the thread, making it possible to give the desired shape. The lysine present in chia oil contributes to the flexibility and strength of the hair.

How to use: 1 - On wet hair, apply a sufficient amount of Clarify Extreme Shampoo, gently massaging the hair, rubbing in the opposite direction along the entire length of the hair.

2 - Rinse, repeat this process and let it work for 15 minutes in the second application; rinse thoroughly until all excess shampoo is removed.

3 - Shake well before use.

4 - When the hair is already clean and dry, divide it into strands.

5 - Evenly apply nanoplastic along the entire length of the hair, strand by strand, gently sliding and massaging from roots to ends.

6 - Let act 20 to 40 minutes. Rinse after expiration time to remove excess product; *For light hair, remove 100% of the product.

7 - Using a hair dryer, make a preliminary comb, then iron along thin strands. Finish how you want. The result: volume control, smoothing effect, softness and unsurpassed shine.

The result is much healthier, shinier, and more manageable hair, as well as stronger, longer-lasting, and more beautiful strands.


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