Lotion 20 EM 1 BB CREAM by FLORACTIVE, 300ml

150,00 BRL
Lotion 20 EM 1 BB CREAM by FLORACTIVE, 300ml

Lotion 20 EM 1 BB CREAM by FLORACTIVE, 300ml

150,00 BRL

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Lotion to eliminate brittleness before and after coloring, strengthening, thickening, facilitating combing with adding volume to the hair.

Restores sulfide bonds

Smoothing, anti-breakage before and after color, moisturizing, repairing, detangling with volume, chemical reversal, detangling, moisture protection, conditioning, cuticle sealing, color protection, split ends prevention, immediate repair, highly effective hydration and hair repair . Rich in vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, Omega-6, antioxidants and minerals. With constant use, it provides care and protection of hair from chemical and external influences, offering 20 treatments in one product.

one . Anti frizz, 2 . Anti-rubber coating, 3 . Protection against breakage, 4. Before and after dyeing 5 . Moisturizer, 6 . Reenactor 7 . Seal, 8 . Facilitates combing 9 . Shine Giver, 10 . Chemical Reverse, 11 Untangle, 12 . Prerelaxation, 13 . Moisture-proof effect, 14 . Post-relaxation, 15 . Air conditioning, 16 . Silkiness of hair 17 . Cuticle sealing, 18 . Color protection, 19 . Prevention of split ends and 20 . Immediate repair.

Instructions for use:

Brilliant silkiness:
Wash hair with Force Therapy Shampoo 1-2 times until hair is well disinfected; apply BB cream 20 in 1, spraying over the entire length to the tips; use the flat iron.

lifting effect:

Wash your hair with Force Therapy Shampoo; apply BB cream 20 in 1; then apply Force Therapy Line Total Brushing, massaging well, rinse; ; reapply fluid 20 in 1 BB cream; use iron

Instant Repair:

Apply 20 in 1 before, during and after chemical processes requiring immediate treatment.

Exposure control
Apply Fluid 20 in 1 BB Cream after washing your hair and; let dry naturally (heals and controls yarn breakage), indispensable in the salon, versatile, multifunctional. Shiny, silky and healthy hair.

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