Fluid Thermoprotector Borabella Brush 9 Em 1 Termoativado

130,00 BRL
Fluid Thermoprotector Borabella Brush 9 Em 1 Termoativado

Fluid Thermoprotector Borabella Brush 9 Em 1 Termoativado

130,00 BRL
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A lightweight 9-in-1 multifunctional finishing fluid, the main quality of which is to facilitate the process of combing and drying at home or in the salon. Provides controlled brush glide, hair detangling, thermal protection, and also reduces drying time by up to 30%.

1. Quick drying
2. Thermal protection
3. 3D mirror shine
4. Makes detangling easier
5. Prevents split ends
6. Sliding
7. Color and UV protection.
8. Moisturizing, softness and balance.
9. Sealing the cuticle

Surprise and delight your clients during brushing, leaving them with hydrated, sealed hair with a 3D mirror-like shine, lightness, bounce and no frizz. Borabella is a real professional product.
Benefits for you, the professional:
- Easily detangles wet hair.
- Sliding with simple simulation
- Drying and cleaning time reduced by 30%.
- Thermal protection to prevent color fading.
Benefits for salon clients:
- Lightness, silkiness and balance.
- Moisturizing and restoring without weighing down
- Sealed cuticle and frizz free strands.
- 3D mirror deep glow
- Color protection
Increases shine and prevents hair loss. Acts like natural silicone to prevent excessive water loss, providing deep protection and maintaining hydration.
The high concentration of fatty acids in the oil provides deep hydration and nutrition to the hair, which makes it especially recommended for people with an increased tendency to dry hair.
Improves the retention of lipids and water in the hair fibers, prakaxi oil regulates the properties of the hair and helps increase elasticity, softness and shine, and also makes the hair silkier, easier to process and style.
With regular use of Pracaxi oil, hair becomes elastic, soft and easier to comb, as it has excellent anti-frizz properties.
Rich in omega 6, 9 and nutrients that help deeply nourish the hair and also form a film around the strands, thereby preventing easy water loss. Therefore, it is used to keep hair healthy and shiny longer.
Sericin nanoparticles can provide a healthy appearance, a significant increase in shine, softness and combability, and can also help significantly reduce the volume of damaged hair.
Helps repair damaged hair with strong static electricity, frizzy, tangled, bleached and split ends; for thickening, nourishing, repairing and restoring hair; give damaged hair the effect of silkiness and shine; protect hair from UV rays and hair dryer heat; eliminate curls.
- Induction of molecular luminescence – dispersion of nanoparticles;
- Increased hair shine due to the ability to seal open and damaged cuticles, deposited in the form of a sealing film;
- Nanoregeneration of damaged hair – sensual and immediate effect;
- Deposition of sericin nanoparticles – increased substantiveness;
- Improved conditioning, softness and shine of hair;
- Nanoreplacement of protein mass;
- Strengthening the straightening process associated with reducing hair damage;
- Improved color application in painting processes;
- Thickening of the hair shaft;
- Increased hair resistance to tearing.

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