Detox Set (Shampoo+Green Clay+White Clay)1l+200ml*2

300,00 BRL
Detox Set (Shampoo+Green Clay+White Clay)1l+200ml*2

Detox Set (Shampoo+Green Clay+White Clay)1l+200ml*2

300,00 BRL
Only 1 units of this product remain

1 detox shampoo 1l
1 green clay 200ml
1 white clay 200ml

Cosmetic clay has been known since ancient times, Cleopatra herself used it to preserve her beauty and youth, and ancient healers used it as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, making medicinal ointments and pastes.

The detox frees strands of excess makeup and impurities that linger and accumulate in the scalp, and stimulates the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands, thereby helping to fight dandruff, excess oil and excess oil.

Green clay is rich in microelements, which provide its stimulating effect on the skin. Green clay not only deeply cleanses the skin of impurities and toxins, but also softens the skin, relieving irritation and drying out inflammation, promotes the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands, tightens pores, tones and softens the epidermis, and increases blood circulation.

White clay gently adsorbs impurities and cosmetic residues from the hair and scalp, eliminates excessive oiliness, and gives the hair long-lasting freshness and lightness at the roots.

Detox Clay Set from VIURE

- disinfects
- stimulates
- regenerates
- strengthens
- tones
- softens

Application method:

1) apply detox shampoo. Let it work for 10 minutes and wash off. 2) then apply a mask with green clay (once a week) or white clay (every week). Let it work for 15 minutes too. Then wash off and dry.

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