Felps Inner Regener Leave-in 140ml

100,00 BRL
Felps Inner Regener Leave-in 140ml

Felps Inner Regener Leave-in 140ml

100,00 BRL
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The INNER REGENER line is an innovation in hair care. Thanks to powerful intelligent regeneration technology, it recognizes damaged areas of the hair fiber, with the help of active ingredients that plump up the strands, replace lost mass, strengthen and heal those cracks (damages) caused by constant chemical and thermal damage, causing strands to become extremely porous, thin and lifeless .

• Regeneration
• Recovery
• Replenishes dough
• Strengthens
• Antioxidant
• Repair
• Softness
• Shine
• pH regulator

Hyaluronic acid - performs a double function: fills the space between cells, while protecting and fighting free radicals. Maintains hair hydration and fights dehydration, dryness and frizz.

Kerestore 2.0 - recognition repair tool identifies and maps the most damaged areas of the hair cuticle, intelligently repairing the most damaged areas of the hair surface.

Plant collagen – forms a protective film for hair, protecting it from dehydration, dryness and porosity.

Rep'Hair – A powerful active ingredient we call ceramide that restructures hair. Increases stability, prevents fragility, aligns and strengthens fibers.

Nutrimel – rich in nutrients and vitamins A, B and C, which restore and replace mass, structuring the inner part of damaged hair fiber, providing long-lasting shine.

Phytokeratin is obtained from plant proteins from soy, wheat and corn. It has a low molecular weight, which provides greater penetration into the hair, where it repairs, moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the fibers. Provides lots of shine, silkiness and frizz-free hair.

Amino acids. Amino acids have several beneficial effects such as moisturizing, strengthening structure, protecting color and repairing surface damage. Improves the sensory properties of dry hair (combability, softness and silkiness), improves the sensory properties of wet hair (combability, softness) and preserves the color of colored hair longer.

Directions for use: Apply leave-in product from length to ends of strands onto clean, damp hair. Finish as you wish.

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