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22,00 BRL 220,00 BRL

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Professional composition for hair nanoplasty ZAP Organic

The composition well smoothes and strengthens the hair, making them dense and shiny.

Active ingredients:

Hydrolyzed keratin - Of all the proteins used in cosmetics, keratin is the closest protein to the structure of the hair and the most effective. It strengthens the hair well, penetrates into it and fills the voids.

Glycerin - retains molecular moisture and restores damaged areas of the hair Panthenol - restores the hair structure at a deep level, nourishes and moisturizes Seed camelina (Camelina sativa) - camelina oil contains vitamins A, D, K, F, E, trace elements, sterols, and also fatty acid complex

VOLUME 1000 ml

  1. Hair preparation for the procedure. Rinse hair with Step 1 Deep Cleansing Shampoo (2-3 times as needed), avoiding tangling while washing and NOT actively massaging the scalp. On first application lather and rinse. During the final wash, leave the foam for a holding time of several minutes (about 5). *

* The preparatory stage is one of the most important in the amino acid straightening procedure, the exposure time is affected by the density, type and structure of the client's hair. When keeping the foam, we pay attention to the condition of the hair, as soon as the hair has become creaky and rough to the touch, this means that it is prepared for the next stages of the procedure.

  1. Rinse hair thoroughly after shampooing with plenty of water until the foam residue is completely removed!
  2. Dry your hair without using a comb from 80 to 100% depending on the density, structure, type and intensity of the curl. **

** where 100% - highly curly, spiral curls, dense hair that is difficult to style.

80% - dry hair, thin, soft hair, Slavic and European type, with a slight wave or easy to style curls.

  1. Divide the hair into several zones by sectors (from 4 to 8).
  2. Prepare the active working composition step 2 Zap organic: shake the composition before pouring into the hairdresser's bowl.***

***For a more economical consumption, it is recommended to pour a small amount of the composition (about 20 ml) and then add as needed. After application, the composition remaining in the bowl is not poured back into the package!

  1. Application of the active working composition step 2 Zap organic start from the lower occipital area, along strands about 2-3 cm thick, retreating from the scalp 1-2 cm. **** In this way, we process all the hair and remove it from the client's face. The composition is recommended to be applied abundantly along the length, with excess.

**** If the ends have dried up during the exposure of the hair in the composition, then you can add the product to the ends, distributing it from the comb.

  1. The exposure time of the composition varies depending on the structure and type of hair from 30 to 60 minutes (can be increased up to 90 minutes when working with very difficult spiral curls, for example, the Afro type!) *****

*****30-40 minutes - easy to style curls, Slavic, European type, wavy hair, fine to medium thickness (the thinner and weaker the hair, the shorter the exposure time).

50-60 minutes - Highly frizzy, hard to style curls, dense hair, healthy (the denser and more glassy the hair, the longer the exposure time).

  1. After the exposure time, moisten the hair with water from roots to ends, in such a way as to remove excess composition ****** And blot with a towel.

******In the hairdresser's wash, wet the hair with a gentle pressure of water in one motion, moving from ear to ear and gently descending to the ends (movement resembles the letter S).

  1. It is recommended to apply a heat protectant to damp hair along the lengths and ends. As a thermal protection, the composition of Botox BTX crema or protective cream HP Firenze Therapy System Silkier Cream is suitable (improves hair structure, adds shine to dull and volume dry and chemically damaged hair, forms a protective layer that protects the cuticle from external adverse effects).
  2. Dry the hair to 100% with the warm air of a hair dryer, while drying, you can use brushing, blowing brush or combing through the hair.
  3. Temperature before straightening. Depending on the shape, density, density and condition of the hair, when working with Zap Organic, we select the ironing temperature individually from 180 to 230 degrees. *******

******* 180-190 degrees - thin, weak hair, bleached, with a slight wave, easy to style.

200-210 degrees - medium density hair, easy to style curls, soft hair, Slavic and European type.

220-230 degrees - dense hair, difficult to style, glassy and healthy, strong spiral curl, hair of the Afro type, as well as Slavic and European type, healthy with an intense curl.

In order to accurately determine the correct temperature, it is recommended to pay attention to how the hair behaves during straightening. If the tool does not glide well through the hair, the strand does not warm up well, or it takes a very large number of times for perfect smoothness, then the temperature regime can be set higher. If, on the contrary, the tool sticks to the strand during straightening and the composition burns out very quickly from the first or second time it passes, then the temperature regime is set lower.

  1. Divide the hair into zones and from the lower occipital zone, highlighting thin strands, carefully straighten it and warm it with a styler from the roots to the very tips, where the most number of times the iron will be in the root zone, fixing the strand at an angle of 90 degrees strictly perpendicular to the head, then along the falling , reducing the angle of the brace, draw the styler to the ends, gradually reducing the number of times with the iron.**********

******** In order to get high-quality hair straightening, during heat treatment we focus on the state of the structure and quality of the hair. After straightening, the strand should be perfectly even, shiny, dry and crumbly. Therefore, depending on the density, thickness and shape of the hair, the number of times the iron will be passed through will be individual on a different hair structure. On average, it can vary from 5 to 20.

  1. After straightening, let the hair cool down naturally for about 20-30 minutes, or you can cool the hair with cold air from a hair dryer for 5-10 minutes.
  2. For a complete high-quality completion of the procedure, rinse your hair with water, apply any mask from keratin. Holding time 5-10 minutes. The mask moisturizes the hair after heat treatment, removes static and stabilizes the Ph level of the hair.


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