Box Caixa SmartLiss - Cronograma, 1510ml

350,00 BRL
Box Caixa SmartLiss - Cronograma, 1510ml

Box Caixa SmartLiss - Cronograma, 1510ml

350,00 BRL
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Caixa SmartLiss Home Care Gift Box - Cronograma, 1510ml








For individual care, it is ideal to assess the condition of the hair, for example: hair with oily roots and dry and brittle tips.

Wash hair with micellar shampoo, remove excess water and apply Moisturizing Mask along the lengths to the middle of the hair, and apply Nourishing Mask from the middle to the ends.
After 48 hours, clean your hair again and apply a moisturizing mask from the lengths to the middle, and from the middle to the ends, apply a reconstructing mask. And every 48 hours, apply it in turn, remembering that you can not apply a mask on the scalp.

Main Uses: Protecting the hair is extremely important to maintain the integrity and repair of the fibers, reduce porosity and seal the cuticle.
Offers 5 levels of protection: Heat, UV, Salt, Chlorine and Fluff. Essential use forms a waterproofing film against moisture. Provides 4 times less breakdowns. Thermal protection up to 230ºC.
It should be applied every time you wash your hair, for curly hair it is a great frizz activator and the next day.
Argan oil: Argan oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamins A, D, contains omega-6, omega-9, phytosterols and polyphenols. Repairs, prevents dryness and split ends. | How to use: After styling your hair, use argan oil. Apply one to three drops, evenly distributing them from the middle to the ends of the hair for best results.

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