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Kit Cronograma Capilar Compacto: 60ml*3

90,00 BRL
Kit Cronograma Capilar Compacto: 60ml*3
let me be

Kit Cronograma Capilar Compacto: 60ml*3

90,00 BRL
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The 3-in-1 mini hair kit is the perfect solution to the problems of your daily life. We know that your hair deserves special care, but you don't always have time for lengthy treatments. With this mini-set you will be able to take care of your hair conveniently wherever you are. Transform your hair with the Let Me Be Intense Treatment Hair Kit. This complete set includes three essential products that will help keep your hair healthy, shiny and shiny.

1 - Bioregenerative mask - 60g

1 - Protein care mask - 60 g

1 - Finishing mask with phytocomplex - 60 g

Take the best hair care in the palm of your hand wherever life takes you.

Step 1: Biorestore mask 60 g – (pH 3.5 to 4.5)
Deep hydration

We start with a Biorestore mask, enriched with powerful ingredients that provide intense hydration - the first step in hair care. The lactic acid present in the formula balances the pH of the hair, softening the cuticle and leaving hair silky, frizz-free and with a radiant shine. Coconut oil provides extra moisture to hair, making it soft and shiny. Panthenol, cassava extract and shea butter increase hair hydration and elasticity by penetrating deep into the hair fiber to lock in moisture and reduce breakage. In addition, shea butter provides protection against heat and harmful environmental influences.

Combined action:
When following your hair care schedule, this step provides a strong foundation for hydrating your hair, preparing it for the next stages of treatment. The result is incredibly soft, shiny and healthy hair.

Step 2: Protein care mask, 60 g – (pH 3.5 to 4.5)
Deep nutrition

The second step is where the protein mask comes into play with a powerful formula containing hydrolyzed collagen, amino acids and a conditioning polymer. Hydrolyzed collagen strengthens hair, increasing its resistance to breakage, providing elasticity and hydration. Amino acids play a fundamental role in repairing damaged hair, restoring and strengthening strands. The conditioning polymer forms a protective film around the hair, sealing the cuticle and preventing frizz.

Combined action:
At this stage, your hair receives deep nutrition, regulates the content of essential lipids, and controls volume and frizz. The result is healthier, shinier and more protected hair.

Step 3: Phytocomplex mask 60 g – (pH from 3.5 to 4.5)
Intensive reconstruction

The third step is a phytocomplex mask, intended for professional use and rich in beneficial ingredients. Lactic acid helps balance hair pH, softening the cuticle and making hair softer and shinier. Coconut oil and macadamia seed oil deeply moisturize and nourish, improve elasticity and reduce frizz. Shea butter provides intense hydration and protection against damage. Avocado oil nourishes and strengthens hair, while argan oil provides repair and smoothness. Hydrolyzed quinoa strengthens and prevents damage while improving elasticity.

Combined action:
In this final stage, your hair undergoes a complete reconstruction, restoring the weakened hair structure. The result is thick, long-lasting hair with increased durability. With our Let Me Be Hair Schedule Kit, you complete a complete treatment, combining each step for dramatic results. Transform your fragile hair, replace fluids, lipids and hair mass and enjoy healthy, shiny strands. Complete care and ease in one set. Experience the transformation!

What's the schedule?
A hair care program is a procedure divided into three main stages: hydration, restoration and nutrition. Each mask in this set has been carefully designed to meet one of these specific needs and provides complete care for your hair.

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