Tyrrel Intensively moisturizing mask Ultra Soft 1kg

180,00 BRL

Tyrrel Intensively moisturizing mask Ultra Soft 1kg

180,00 BRL

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Tyrrel Intense Hydrating Mask Ultra Soft 1l*2

Designed for colored hair, after straightening with keratin and nanoplasty.

For weakened hair that has undergone chemical intervention.

Neutralizes PH.

Intensely moisturizing Tyrrel Ultra Soft Mask restores the hydro-lipid balance of hair after aggressive chemical or thermal exposure. Stabilizes the ph level, helps eliminate porosity, restores natural strength and shine. Contains a complex of amino acids and proteins, oils and extracts of plants, aloe.

retains and returns molecular moisture to the hair
stabilizes pH levels and eliminates porosity
restores hair's natural strength and glossy shine
contains a complex of amino acids and proteins, aloe, oils and plant extracts

Mode of application:

Rinse hair twice with Tyrrel Hidratante Ultra Soft Nourishing Treatment Shampoo. Then apply an ultra-soft moisturizing mask from the same line, strand by strand, starting at the ends, and gently massaging the strands to the roots. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, with or without a heat source, and then rinse well. Suitable for daily use, as well as Step 3 and can be used as a protein pad.

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