Cold Recovery Soupliss Bio Defender, 500 ml*2

350,00 BRL
Cold Recovery Soupliss Bio Defender, 500 ml*2

Cold Recovery Soupliss Bio Defender, 500 ml*2

350,00 BRL
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Soupliss Bio Defender Spray (Substrate) step 1

Soupleliss Bio Defender Gel Defender (Lipid Product) Step 2

The Bio Defender set consists of 2 steps. Used to perform a cold reconstruction procedure and nourish the hair, the product can be used as a substrate.

This set Nourishes and moisturizes dry, dull and lifeless hair. Holds moisture well in the hair.

Advantages: cold treatment without ironing, course treatment (monthly repetition), pleasant smell, no fumes.
STEP 1. Spray-reconstructor contains a complex of amino acids and components that restore the hair structure. It promotes the penetration of beneficial substances contained in the oil complex in Step 2. Prevents brittleness and loss.

STEP 2. Restructuring gel. Consists of a complex of oils, effectively nourishes the hair


1. Cleanse hair with a conditioning shampoo, remove excess moisture with a towel.

2. Apply the mask 1 step in a row along the entire length.

3. Leave for 10 minutes using

additional heat. DO NOT rinse.

4. Apply a small amount of 2 step gel to the palm of your hand. Apply to hair, carefully distribute through the strands. Hold for 15 minutes.

* additional heat can be used

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