Cold Botox Set Cadiveu Plastica de Argila 500/500/500 ml

405,00 BRL
Cold Botox Set Cadiveu Plastica de Argila 500/500/500 ml

Cold Botox Set Cadiveu Plastica de Argila 500/500/500 ml

405,00 BRL

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Step 1: Revitalizing Shampoo
Step 2: clay mask
Step 3: setting fluid

In the modern world, when progress does not stand still, every year scientists find more and more ways to preserve the beauty and health of our hair. There are products that can restore youth and vitality to even the most lifeless hair. Especially for such "emergency" measures, the Cadiveu Professional brand has created a unique hair treatment procedure "HAIR BOTOX".

For many years, the leading scientists of the BR-Beauty Cosmeticos laboratory have been studying the anti-aging effect of the active ingredient, which is part of many cosmetic preparations - hyaluronic acid. The results obtained exceeded all expectations. Added to natural raw materials, hyaluronic acid effectively acts on the hair cuticles, allowing maximum restoration of hair filaments along the entire length. It penetrates deeply to the inner layer of the capillary network, strengthens the hair, makes it elastic, shiny and silky.

Thus, a series of Plastica de Argila products was created for the effective treatment of fragile and brittle hair Hair Botox. If you want to stimulate hair growth, treat your scalp and ends, then you should pay attention to this service.
Benefits of Hair Restoration with Plastica de Argila
natural formula
Ease of the procedure
The result of "two in one" - hair restoration along the entire length + treatment of the scalp
Hair Growth Stimulation
Composition of Plastica de Argila
Hyaluronic acid
An effective anti-aging component, the main task of which is to fill the deep layers of the cuticles, strengthen and restore them as much as possible, give softness and shine to the hair. Hyaluronic acid transforms the entire length of the hair shaft and contributes to the effective treatment of the scalp, stimulating hair growth.
Organic siliconeThis is one of the most valuable components that provides strength to the hair follicles. Thanks to him, the hair becomes stronger and falls out less.
Amazonian white clay
Ingredient rich in nutrients for hair treatment. White clay improves blood circulation in the scalp, further stimulating hair growth.

Step by step: 1. Wash your hair with Shampoo Revitalizante Clarifying Shampoo 2 times, lathering it (you can massage the scalp).

2. Remove moisture with a towel.

3. Put on protective gloves.

4. On towel-dried hair, apply composition No. 2Máscarade Argila, strand by strand from the very roots to the ends, starting from the lower occipital zone, moving towards the parietal.

5. Massage the hair in the composition along the entire length, for better distribution and penetration of the composition.

6. Apply fixative No. 3 FluidoFinalizador directly on the hair covered with No. 2 Máscarade Argila.

7. Thoroughly massage the hair along from the roots to the ends, the exposure time is 5 minutes.

8. At the end of the exposure time, rinse thoroughly with warm water, without using shampoo.

9. Remove moisture with a towel.

10. Apply a small amount of fixing fluid No. 3 Fluido Finalizador along the entire length of the hair (without affecting the roots and scalp). Dry and style your hair without rinsing.

11. After drying the hair, apply GlamourLiquidCrystal or AcaiOil along the lengths and ends without touching the hair roots for perfect results.


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