Cold Reconstruction Densy Age Tyrrel 3 steps( 300ml+480gr+1l)

330,00 BRL

Cold Reconstruction Densy Age Tyrrel 3 steps( 300ml+480gr+1l)

330,00 BRL
Only 7 units of this product remain

Cold Reconstruction Densy Age by Tyrrel 3 steps( 300ml+480gr+1l)

01 - Densy Age Serum Premium - 30ml

01 - Densy Age Nutri Mask - 480g

01 - Densy Age Nutri Shampoo - 1Litro

The Densy Age line is an anti-aging care system and has therapeutic offerings to treat the scalp and hair shaft with an incredible technology of high molecular concentration biomimetic actives, which aims to minimize damage and prevent the oxidative effects of chemical processes, the environment. and mechanical actions.

For non-viable, brittle and aged hair: (bleached, straightened with acid and alkaline chemicals, dyeing, henna, afro-perm, flat iron / piastres, hair dryer, over-straightening). These actions promote protein denaturation, structural and lipid loss of the hair fiber and therefore the need for washing and continuity of our treatment cycles to minimize damage to the protein structures.

Hair revitalization from the first time.

Recyclable packaging ♻️
- Free of Vaseline, parabens, dyes and salt 🛢
- Without ingredients of animal origin 🐾
- Not tested on animals 🐰

Application method:

Apply Tyrrel Densy Age Shampoo to damp hair, massage and rinse.
Apply Densy Age Mask to washed and still damp hair, applying strand by strand, wait 10-15 minutes, rinse.

Spray onto clean, damp hair along the entire length and ends. If necessary, take a 5-minute break for better absorption of the product. Do not rinse.

Dispense a small amount of Densy Age Sérum into hands and apply to damp or dry hair.

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