Bioplasty Borabella Perfecta Progressiva Bio Definitive 12 Oils, 1000 ml

350,00 BRL

Bioplasty Borabella Perfecta Progressiva Bio Definitive 12 Oils, 1000 ml

350,00 BRL

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Nanoplasty Borabella Perfecta Progressiva 12 Oils is a product of the Brazilian brand, which contains 12 light nourishing oils, makes hair perfectly smooth and gives it a salon shine.

This nanoplastic5 has a high moisturizing factor that leaves the hair completely aligned, disciplined, sealed, soft, naturally balanced and with a glossy salon shine.

- *Organic, formaldehyde-free 0%, no donor preservatives or derivatives.

- More Nourishing: Contains a rich blend of 12 lightweight nourishing oils that penetrate deep into the hair fiber to soften and nourish without weighing it down.

- More hydration: Increased amount of moisturizing active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Combining more nutrition with more moisture power results in better treatment for dry and chemically damaged hair.
processed, giving the ends a better appearance.

- Without tinting pigment: the cream is transparent, has no tinting, which allows it to be applied to very light hair with tones above 9.

- Just one step: give more practicality and speed to the application. Ease in process, fast drying, easy sliding without effort of a hand.

- 100% professional, long lasting and anti-frizz guaranteed, no touch-ups or customer returns.

- Suitable for all hair types and colors. And also with all previous chemicals of all brands.

Its intelligent formula was developed by combining imported raw materials from Europe and North America, noble emollients, proteins and an exclusive blend of 19 amino acids and organic acids such as lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, sericin, keratin, tamarind extract. and an elixir of 12 light and noble oils.

All of the assets below guarantee long-lasting professional hair smoothing without burning or discomfort during application.

ELIXIR 12 OILS: This is an extraordinary combination of light, precious and legendary oils derived from nuts, seeds, herbs and fruits, making it a product with unique characteristics. It is a unique combination specially formulated to nourish the deepest layers of the hair fiber and restore essential lubrication with mirror-like shine and vitality without weighing down the hair.
1. argan oil
2. Shea butter
3. Cottonseed oil
4. coconut oil
5. macadamia oil
6. Green tea oil
7. chamomile oil
8. aloe oil
9. calamus oil
10. myrrh oil
11. olive oil
12. cinnamon oil

19 AMINO ACIDS: natural hair compounds responsible for the health, structure and shine of hair. During chemical processes, amino acids are lost, but progressive ones replace them to guarantee 100% straight, disciplined, natural, frizz-free, hydrated, textured, soft and shiny hair.


Apply the product to washed and dried hair.

Leave for 50 minutes.

Divide into strands.

Using an iron, perform 10 - 15 broaches on each strand.

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