Dzanni Cosmeticos

Keratin Unaged Disciplina by DZANNI COSMETICOS 2L

200,00 BRL
Keratin Unaged Disciplina by DZANNI COSMETICOS 2L
Dzanni Cosmeticos

Keratin Unaged Disciplina by DZANNI COSMETICOS 2L

200,00 BRL

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PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE - Perfect smoothness!!!

PROGRESSIVA DISCIPLINE, created on the basis of a mixture of moisturizing ingredients, does not dry out the ends and does not damage the strands, but, on the contrary, NUTRITION and RESTORATION, providing excellent hair hydration.

In just one step, it completely eliminates frizz and replaces keratin in the hair, providing shine, softness and PERFECT NATURAL SMOOTHNESS. HEALTHY hair, light, flowing, soft and incredibly bouncy, with the intense radiance of Salon Gloss.

Application suggestion:

On damp hair, apply Intensive Deep Cleansing Shampoo along the entire length of the hair, rubbing in the opposite direction. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

Dry hair, evenly distribute Step2 with a brush and a fine comb, aligning the strands. (Keep a distance of 1.5 cm from the root).

Let it work for 20 minutes, with the help of a hair dryer, alternating cold and hot air, pre-lay on the brush. Iron for thin strands at a temperature of 230 °, wait for the temperature of the strands to normalize and rinse. Finish how you want.

Factory technique: First: 1) SHGO 2-3 times 2) Apply keratin 3) comb 4) remove the remnants of the mask WITHOUT PAUSE! 5) dry 80% 6) iron 20-25 times 7) wash off


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