Nanoplasty Escova Progressiva Liso 3d 1l + Tratamento Kerastinni 1kg

700,00 BRL
Nanoplasty Escova Progressiva Liso 3d 1l + Tratamento Kerastinni 1kg

Nanoplasty Escova Progressiva Liso 3d 1l + Tratamento Kerastinni 1kg

700,00 BRL
Only 100 units of this product remain

This product is made to order. Before placing it, please consult with our managers about delivery times to the warehouse.

Tired of heavy straightening processes that leave your hair looking dead and lifeless???

Finally, the best of the best is now available to you, beauty industry professionals.

– Excellent straightening performance even for products containing formaldehyde.

— High durability of the smooth effect up to 4 months.

– Two-color pigment, can be used for all hair colors, including blonde and highlighted. (tone up to 8)

– Replenishes hair mass and restores hair strength thanks to proteins and amino acids.

– Intense salon shine for hydration and shine

– Does not dry out ends or damage hair, unlike Nutri and Repair.

– Increased straightener durability because you don't straighten your hair until product gets into it.

– Softer, looser, shinier hair with movement, balance and naturalness.

a- Compatible with all other brands of rectifiers on the market.

Important tips: at the end of the procedure, we recommend applying the Smooth Plass Mask from Kerastinni. It will reconnect the internal sulfur bridges of the hair lost due to temperature, eliminate unpleasant odor, replace lipids and balance PH. Longevity and care to revitalize shine, initial softness and prolong the cuticle sealing effect for a long time. Leave to act for 20 minutes and finish as desired.


Does the Liso3D method straighten all hair types?
Yes, if you follow the instructions correctly, smooth running is 100% guaranteed. Several variables can affect the final result, such as: improper washing, amount of product applied, application time, thickness of strands when straightening and not straightening the hair enough times.

If you do not get the desired result the first time you use it, after 15 days you can repeat the procedure; the more times you do this, the better the result.

I already have chemicals in my hair, can I use it?
Liso3D is compatible with all chemicals, however, if you have recently undergone a chemical treatment, we recommend waiting 30 days to change the chemicals and strengthen your hair. If after this period your hair becomes strong and healthy, you can continue using it.

Can a blonde or blonde with highlights use it?

This product is ideal for blondes because bleaching causes hair to lose a lot of keratin, resulting in thinner and more brittle hair. Liso3D is already tinted to help neutralize the color, but you need to be very careful with gray hair as it can permanently yellow strands.

Can I seal or brush my hair with the product?
No, we recommend rinsing the product with water, drying it and only after it is 100% dry, straighten your hair.

Will my hair color fade after nano?

The product itself does not cause hair to fade, but other factors can cause fading, such as washing with very hot water, brushing hair with a very hot hair dryer, and straightening at very high temperatures.

Can it be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women?
Yes, we just recommend that you see your doctor first. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, women may experience immune changes, even if the product is 100% formaldehyde free, it is important to take this precaution. Send our formula to your doctor and ask for permission.

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