330,69 BRL


330,69 BRL

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G.HAIR (INOAR) PLASTICA CAPILAR MARROQUINA KERATIN COLAGENO SYSTEM STEP2 1L: Intensive keratin and collagen treatment for chemically or environmentally damaged hair. Replaces vital ingredients for hair health and strength. Ideal for lifeless hair care. In this state, hydration is no longer enough, as the hair scales can no longer close. This permanent opening does not retain nutrients and moisture in the hair and they cannot regain their softness and softness. The injection of low molecular weight keratin into the strands of Inoar Capillary Plastic saves the health and plasticity of the strands, while helping to effectively seal the cuticle, keeping it healthy, soft and shaped longer, and reducing volume by 30%. Contains a small percentage of formaldehyde. Hair is restored, becomes soft, smooth, obedient, with restored shine and elasticity!

Directions for use 1 - Apply the shampoo to the scalp and damp hair, gently massaging from the scalp to the ends. Rinse and repeat the operation. Dry your hair well by pressing the strands with a towel. 2 - Mix one measure of Keratin Collagen System with two equal measures of Moroccan Hair Rebuilder in a plastic container. Stir until a homogeneous product consistency is obtained. 3 - Apply to the hair in thin strands, starting from the back of the head. Let act for approximately 10 minutes (time is counted from the start of application). Apply from 2 cm from the root. 4 - Wrap the wires with thin strands, from the root to the ends and dry the wires with a hot hair dryer. 5 - Divide hair into 4 parts after completely dry. To do this, divide the strands from ear to ear across the crown and divide this amount into 2 parts. The rest of the hair (middle and back of the head) is divided horizontally in half, forming 4 parts. 6 - Divide each section into very thin strands and run the iron over the wires at least 5 times on each strand to completely seal the cuticle. Start at the back of your neck towards the top of your head. 7 - Wait for the hair to cool down and rinse the strands with plenty of water (preferably cold). 8 - Dry your hair with a light towel press, apply a few drops of serum (we recommend argan oil) and start combing.


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