VIURE Portable Head Ozone Therapy

1.850,00 BRL

VIURE Portable Head Ozone Therapy

1.850,00 BRL
Only 100 units of this product remain


Ozone therapy for hair is a unique treatment procedure that allows you to achieve incredible health of your hair and scalp. Not many patients know about this procedure and its miraculous properties, however, the effectiveness has been confirmed by clinical trials, and most specialists place great hopes on ozone therapy, both as a therapeutic method and as a preventive one.

Ozone therapy helps to solve a whole range of problems, eliminates various symptoms and treats both trichological and dermatological diseases. Beautiful, luxurious curls are the dream of not only women, but also men. Today, the beauty and health of hair has become not only the concern of the beautiful half of humanity, but also of the stronger sex, so men are increasingly turning to a trichologist for help.

Hair loss, alopecia
Weak hair growth
Inflammatory processes, lesions
Poor hair nutrition, lack of vitamins
Weak roots
Bacteria, fungal infections
Ozone therapy for hair stimulates the work of cells, renews the composition of the skin, helps metabolic processes, activates microcirculation, helps to eliminate bacteria, heals the skin and hair. Thanks to ozone, immunity increases, the overall resistance of the body to various diseases improves.

Ozone therapy nourishes hair and skin, strengthens the bulb, and has a positive effect on the deep layers of the epidermis. The result - the hair is shiny, strong, healthy, well-groomed, the scalp is clean, without dermatological defects.

Hair problems can occur for a variety of reasons, and it is not always possible to eliminate them with the help of medications. Many people suffering from excessive hair loss try various methods to stop alopecia, often their attempts end in failure. In this case, ozone therapy can help - thanks to the directed effect of ozone, there is a general strengthening, anti-inflammatory, supportive, healing effect. Stops hair loss; hair strengthening occurs at a deep level, the scalp is supplied with oxygen, metabolic processes and microcirculation are activated. Thanks to ozone, toxins are removed, dead skin areas are eliminated, fungal formations are destroyed.

Ozone therapy is an absolutely painless procedure. Trichologists carry out the procedure in two ways - with the help of injections and the head "greenhouse". Thanks to the injections, the skin instantly receives nutrients and is saturated with oxygen. The impact of ozone using the "greenhouse" is weaker, but this method is also highly effective and efficient. The procedure lasts an average of 20 minutes; depending on the disease, a course of 1 to 15 sessions is required. At the consultation, the trichologist will assess the degree of your hair problem and prescribe a course of treatment.

Ozone therapy copes with even the most complex diseases and is effective for the treatment of excessive hair loss. Its positive effect affects both the follicle and hair structure, and the scalp. This allows you to achieve the fastest recovery and help in solving both trichological and dermatological problems.


Hardware new ozone vaporizer for hair KD2328A. The KD2328A ozone vaporizer is an ozone steam equipment, consisting of a water tank designed to evaporate through resistance and a built-in ozone (O3) generator. Ozone can be released with water or just steam, at the user's choice.

The model is easy to use, contains: Head "Hotbed-Colpak". The device has become more advanced, providing many functions, among which: it acts in the treatment of facial skin, as an environmental fragrance and in the treatment of hair. The fragrance/humidifier function associated with the use of ozone has been proven to disinfect the environment by killing viruses and bacteria.
- Bactericide and fungicide
- Skin cleansing
- Hair Therapy

- Moisturizes hair 6 times more effectively;
- Prevents breakage and split ends;
- Healthier cuticles;
- Stronger scalp;
- Soft and shiny hair;
- Easy unraveling;
- cleanses the scalp;
- Safe removal of product residues;
- Moisturize the scalp with it, preventing dandruff;
- Restore skin elasticity;
- Restores color brightness;
- Easy cleaning and removable cup;
- Antimicrobial ozone light;
- Fully disassembled for easy cleaning;


- Capillary use (hooded): suitable for all hair types. Ozone vapors in contact with hair strands strengthen their structure. Stimulates blood circulation and eliminates infections and lesions of the scalp. Helps in the rejuvenation of curls. Makes hair more voluminous and helps to get rid of split ends, reduces frizz, makes hair softer;
- Aromatherapy: can be used with essential oils along with ozonized steam for antiseptic and healing effects. Allows you to aromatize media and disinfect, fighting viruses and bacteria

Brand: (Kingdom Cares)
Model: KD2328A
White color
Voltage: 110V/220V
Rated frequency: 60Hz
Power: 350W
Angle of rotation on the axis of the evaporator tube: 360º
Angle of rotation of the rod on the base of the evaporator: 360º
Tank capacity: 300ml
Base dimensions: 22 cm x 14 cm x 18 cm (HxWxD)
Evaporator base weight: 1090 kg
Vaporizer rod length: 20cm
Evaporator rod diameter: 4
Evaporator rod weight: 0.100 kg
Dimensions with stand installed: 14 cm x 32 cm x 35 cm (WxDxH)
Hood dimensions: 20 cm x 31.5 cm (H x D)
Hood weight: 0.310 kg
Packed dimensions: 23 cm x 35.5 x m x 37 cm (WxDxH)
Shipping weight: 2.4 kg
Certification: CE 'European Community'

Use according to the following procedure:
1st: Add clean water, the water should not exceed the warning level (max.).
2nd: turn the switch to the correct device voltage
3rd: Leave for 3-5 minutes in a thermal sprayer.
(device cleaning)
4th: keep your head under the hood for no more than 15 minutes,

note: - Do not leave the water below the minimum level, add water or turn off. In case of overheating, the thermostat of the device turns off. You will have to wait for it to cool down to turn it back on.

01 Evaporator module
01 Evaporator rod
01 Hood
01 User manual

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