Fit Cosmeticos SOS 3x1 Reconstructor 500ML

200,00 BRL
Fit Cosmeticos SOS 3x1 Reconstructor 500ML

Fit Cosmeticos SOS 3x1 Reconstructor 500ML

200,00 BRL
Only 12 units of this product remain

An ideal mask that stabilizes pH for processes before and after highlighting and coloring. A complex with amino acids that replenishes lost mass, developing strength and resistance instantly. Prevents and corrects rubberization and brittleness.

Ideal for emergency situations, SOS has a restorative, reconstructive and mass-replenishing effect. Promotes water retention and development of healthy elasticity. Stops fragility of weakened hair. Detangles, conditions and balances pH, reducing porosity and enhancing silkiness. Thanks to the technology, which includes a complex of amino acids, it can be used both before and after chemotherapy. Does not electrostaticize hair.

For Hair: Chemically Treated-Bleached-Dyed

• pH stabilizer.
• Prevent or stop brittleness.
• Correction of elasticity.
• Does not oxidize


a) Short hair: from 5 g to 10 g (50 applications)
b) Medium hair: from 10 g to 15 g (35 applications)
c) Long hair: from 15 g to 25 g (25 applications)

Application method:

1- Shake before use. Apply to clean, damp hair, strand by strand along the entire length.

2- Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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