Deep Cleaning Shampoo, FIT 500ML

19,50 BRL 26,00 BRL
Deep Cleaning Shampoo, FIT 500ML

Deep Cleaning Shampoo, FIT 500ML

19,50 BRL 26,00 BRL
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Deep Cleaning Shampoo, FIT 1l


The professional line was developed to give discipline to hair strands. Rich in nutrients and amino acids, the line provides the hydration and nutrition your hair needs. Thanks to the restructuring of the strands, the hair will become disciplined and smooth, eliminating frizz and volume.

Deep cleansing shampoo
Deep cleansing shampoo with pH 8.0 (alkaline) was developed for skin care.
deep into the hair cuticles, cleansing them and removing all excess
chemical residues are deposited on the scalp and also balance and control those that
prone to fat. Its formula is rich in nutrients and amino acids that cleanse,
nourish and prepare hair for the next stage of treatment.

Ingredients: Sodium laureth sulfate: promotes degreasing effect.
Cocamidopropyl betaine: affects viscosity and increases foaming.
Methylparaben: a synthetic preservative with effective antibacterial activity and mainly
Citric Acid: Acidifier, adjusts pH.
Sodium Chloride: Mineral enhancer, soothing and helpful.
to form the consistency of the product.

Application method:
Apply Deep Cleansing shampoo to the entire length of your hair and massage gently. Rinse and reapply until cuticles are fully opened. Rinse thoroughly and dry your hair completely with hot air.

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