Collagenoplasty Zap Collagenoplastia, 1L

240,00 BRL
Collagenoplasty Zap Collagenoplastia, 1L

Collagenoplasty Zap Collagenoplastia, 1L

240,00 BRL
Only 15 units of this product remain

Collagenoplasty is suitable for such hair:

  • Porous hair.
  • Naughty.
  • Broken and damaged.


  • Hair preparation for the procedure: Rinse the hair with a cleansing shampoo (step 1) 2-3 times as needed, without tangling it during washing and NOT actively massaging the scalp. On first application lather and rinse. During the final wash, leave the foam for a few minutes (5-10 minutes).
  • After aging the shampoo, rinse the hair with plenty of water until the foam residue is completely removed.
  • Dry your hair with a hairdryer without using a comb from 80 to 100% (depending on its density: thin - up to 80%, dense and porous - up to 100%).
  • Divide your hair into several sections (from 4 or more).
  • Preparation of the working composition: Pour 30 to 50 ml of thermal reconstructor into a bowl, after shaking the bottle.
  • Apply the reconstructor, stepping back from the hair roots 1-1.5 cm, with a brush, gradually moving towards the ends. Repeat for all sectors.
  • Comb the hair through the formulation using a fine-toothed comb to distribute the product from roots to ends. Comb your hair along the entire length. Avoid overproduction. Hair should be easy to comb through. Apply the remaining product on the comb to the ends.
  • After application, without exposure, with a hair dryer, dry the hair to 100%, alternating cold and warm air. When drying hair in the composition, you can use a blowing brush. At the end of drying, you can stretch the hair for brushing.
  • Divide the hair into several zones by sectors (from 4 or more).

Choose the right temperature setting for the electric tongs:

Normal, dense, coarse, healthy hair 210 C - 230 C
Damaged, dyed, thin hair 190 C - 210 C

  • Separate the strands, starting from the back of the head, 1 cm thick and 4-5 cm wide.

Comb the strand and iron it with an iron:

Roots 8-10 times (90 degrees perpendicular to the head,)
Length - 5-8 times (combing the strand down, each time returning to the roots)
Ends - 3-4 times (twisting or sealing in a straight position)

  • Cool your hair with a hair dryer
  • Rinse your hair with warm water. Dry with the warm air of a hair dryer.
  • Procedure completed.

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