Honma Tokyo(WENNOZ)

Coffee Premium Collagen Honma Tokyo 3 Passos Set

700,00 BRL
Coffee Premium Collagen Honma Tokyo 3 Passos Set
Honma Tokyo(WENNOZ)

Coffee Premium Collagen Honma Tokyo 3 Passos Set

700,00 BRL
Only 2 units of this product remain

There are 3 products in the line that must be used in combination for an effective result. This is about:

  • DILATOR SHAMPOO (preparing shampoo) with a multifunctional formula that includes restorative assets aimed at cleansing, strengthening and restoring curls.
  • CAPILLARY REGENERATING GEL (collagenation and straightening complex for curly and wavy hair). With the help of this tool, the strands are saturated with protein and collagen, the composition is able to penetrate deep into the hair structure, after which the process of strengthening and restoring damaged areas begins.
  • INTENSIVE PROTEIN SPRAY (spray that completes the treatment). It is rich in proteins, it is necessary to enrich the curls with proteins, nourish them and give them a radiant shine.


Coffee Premium Collagen is designed to smooth hair, maintain natural volume, but if used incorrectly, will not give the desired effect.

Step 1
Performs hair preparation by expanding the hair cuticle and maintaining the integrity of the hair through the action of coffee glycol extract and collagen. This factor contributes to greater absorption of assets, increasing the leveling effect up to 40%.
- Proper cleaning and preparation
- Maintains the integrity of the hair
pH: 5.0-6.0
Color: translucent
Step 2:

Straightening is carried out due to the exclusive action of jelly-like collagen, which acts directly on the hair fiber. Its light base formula allows collagen, keratin and their active ingredients to work intensively on the hair, re-binding molecules and forming a protective and flexible film under the hair fiber. The moment it receives a heat source, it creates a smooth, pliable and durable structure.
- Rapid development of functional assets
- no smoke
- endless
pH: 4.5-5.5
Color: light brown
Step 3:

Intensive Protein Coffee Premium Collagen is a versatile product capable of repairing and deeply hydrating weakened hair. Facilitates the straightening process and maintains the structure with a natural balance. In addition, it acts as an active thermal protection. It balances and revitalizes hair, promoting vitality and shine.
- Easy tracking of the alignment process
- Soothes and fills hair
Thermal and solar protection
pH: 3.5-4.5
color: beige


. It can be used for all hair types, but the best results will be obtained on curly and afro hair.
. Immediately after treatment, you can retouch the root with 6% hydrogen peroxide or toner. After 3 days, hair can be dyed with hydrogen peroxide 9% or 12%.
. Hair can be lightened to a shade.
. Such treatment can be repeated every three months, before this period it is not necessary. Enough for about 25 procedures with 1 liter.

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