Photon Lizze(blue color)

1.500,00 BRL
Photon Lizze(blue color)

Photon Lizze(blue color)

1.500,00 BRL
Only 100 units of this product remain


Innovation in working with hair will save the master time and improve the quality of procedures.

Photon Lizze NanoQuartization Kit (blue color) + 4 Nano Fixatives from Qatar (500ml*4)

💡Lizze's LED photon light accelerates and enhances the chemical processes in the hair, reducing exposure time by 50%! Returns keratin to hair. This is a progressive photon system that accelerates the reconstruction of hair; staining; balayage; relaxation; hydration.
- straightening (blue light)
-coloring (blue light)

Photon Lizze is a high technology capillary accelerator capable of delivering impressive results in hair strands. This is due to the fact that 450 nanometer blue light waves are in direct contact with the hair cuticle, resulting in more durable and amazing results. When it comes into contact with the hair, the laser initiates a chemical reaction between the product compounds distributed in the hair, increasing its effect and prolonging its durability by penetrating and fixing the product into the hair fiber.

Specified for
Hair coloring, hair moisturizing, relaxation, for Brazilian keratin treatments or other chemical treatments.

NanoFixer - Firming

NanoFixer - Repairing

NanoFixer - Toner

NanoFixer - Keratin

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