Collagenoplasty Coffee Premium Collagen, 1L (Honma Tokyo (Wennoz Brazil)

515,00 BRL

Collagenoplasty Coffee Premium Collagen, 1L (Honma Tokyo (Wennoz Brazil)

515,00 BRL
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Collagenoplasty Coffee Premium Collagen, 1L - provides perfect straightening, making hair strong, healthy and shiny. Ultra-straightening with the effect of collagenization of hair.

Does not contain formaldehyde!

Honma Tokyo's exclusive formula based on gelatin and collagen makes its ingredients more powerful and concentrated, turns into a gentle foam that:

  • spreads easily over the entire length of the hair
  • quickly digs in
  • does not weigh down the volume of the strands
  • does not change the tone of the hair

This regenerating gel is used in various techniques for healthy and damaged hair. NO DELAY TIME REQUIRED! After applying Capillary Regenerating Gel step 2 - hair can immediately be dried with a hair dryer using brushing, which significantly reduces the time of the procedure by 20-30 minutes.

The straightening effect lasts 3-4 months

Mode of application

Step 1 - Apply a small amount of conditioning shampoo

Step 2 - Dry hair 100% and divide into 4 sections. Strand by strand, apply Collagenoplasty Coffee Premium Collagen, retreating from the scalp 1 cm. WITHOUT HOLDING TIME, dry the hair with brushing. Then, using a styler, select thin strands and work them out at the desired temperature (190-230 degrees). Let the hair cool, rinse with warm water until the product is completely removed. Dry with a towel

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