Keratin Coffee Premium, 1L (Honma Tokyo (Wennoz Brazil)

550,00 BRL

Keratin Coffee Premium, 1L (Honma Tokyo (Wennoz Brazil)

550,00 BRL
Only 9 units of this product remain

Designed for straightening curly, unruly or ethnic hair. Due to the content of such active ingredients as: keratin, Arabica coffee bean extract and Aloe Barbadensis, as well as a complex of amino acids related to the hair and the patented Luna Matrix system, the products of the line take care of the hair during the program.

Effect duration: up to 6 months. For maximum extension of the effect, it is recommended to use sulfate-free care after the procedure (shampoo, conditioner, mask)

  1. Wash hair 2-3 times with deep cleansing shampoo. For a better opening of the cuticle, during the final wash, hold the foam on the hair for 3-5 minutes
  2. Dry your hair with hot air dryer 100% without using a comb
  3. Divide the hair into four zones and with a brush, strand by strand, apply the working composition step 2, stepping back from the scalp by 1 cm.
  4. Keep the composition on the hair for 20-30 minutes (depending on the type of hair).
  5. Remove excess composition from hair with a fine comb
  6. Dry your hair with the cool air of a hair dryer 100% without using a comb
  7. Divide your hair into four sections. Using an iron with titanium or tourmaline coated plates, run through thin (up to 1 cm), dry strands, usually 7-14 times at a temperature of 170-230 ° C (depending on the type of hair: the more damaged, thin hair, the lower the temperature)
  8. Allow hair to cool (up to 20 minutes)
  9. Rinse hair thoroughly with water, without shampoo and apply Coffee Premium Ultra Shine Mask along the entire length (step 3). Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse again with water
  10. Dry and style your hair


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