Victoria Hair

KIT Keratin CACAU FORCE from Victoria Hair,1L*2

360,00 BRL
Victoria Hair

KIT Keratin CACAU FORCE from Victoria Hair,1L*2

360,00 BRL
Only 100 units of this product remain

This product is made to order, before placing an order, please consult with our managers about delivery times to the warehouse.

Straightens any hair type 100%.
Great for Afro, Negroid, Thick, Coarse, Damaged, Dehydrated hair.
Method of use:



Wash your hair, massage it very well, it is very important to fully open the hair cuticle.


If you feel difficulty due to your hair type (very oily hair or hair that doesn't wash very often and uses a lot of detangling creams), repeat until you feel a squeak to the touch.


Rinse well and dry 100%.



Apply keratin with a brush at a distance of 1 cm from the root, strand by strand.

Help distribute the product with a fine comb so that nothing is left behind, while at the same time it helps detangle strands. Apply all over your hair, but remember: do not leave excess, it is not the quantity that gives the best result!!!

Blonde, Colored and Bleaching Damaged Hair: These hair types need to be completely dry before starting the straightening process.

Non-bleached hair: Hair should be approximately 80% dry before starting the straightening process.

Natural and Afro hair: In these cases, you only need to dry your hair 50% before starting the straightening process. Start straightening at a distance of about one finger from the roots so that the temperature of the iron and humidity do not cause burns to the scalp.

However, after this, go back to the roots and straighten thoroughly to achieve perfectly straight hair. In all these cases, leave the reducer to operate for at least 20 minutes.

Straighten very thin, almost transparent strands as needed.

Rinse well, apply Victoria SEAWEED - paint post-care and mass calmer, rinse well again.

Dry your hair as usual.

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