Hair keratin Fox Dona Fifi

160,00 BRL
Hair keratin Fox Dona Fifi

Hair keratin Fox Dona Fifi

160,00 BRL
Only 2 units of this product remain

1The Dona Fifi line is formulated using cocoa extract and keratin, which promote hydration, conditioning and repair, leaving hair smooth, intensely shiny and straight. As a result, the hair becomes strong, nourished, with a smooth effect and intense shine.

hair type: Normal, Combined, Curly, Kinky, Unruly, Thin, Thick, Thick, Natural, All hair types, Coarse, Dark, Slavic, South Russian, European


  1. Apply deep cleaning shampoo to damp hair, rubbing into strands from ends to roots. Repeat application two more times and let the product sit for 20 minutes one last time, making sure the cuticles are completely open. Rinse your hair thoroughly and dry with hot air.
  2. Do not comb or untangle your hair. Divide your hair into four parts (ear-ear, forehead-back of the head). Start applying Fox Dona Fifi step 2 to thin strands using a brush and comb.
  3. After application, remove excess product with a towel and dry with cold air.
  4. Iron thin strands 15-20 times from roots to ends. The temperature of the iron depends on the degree of damage to the hair. For light and colored hair 180-210 C, for natural dense hair 210-230 C.
  5. After the procedure, wait 15 minutes and then rinse.
  6. Apply shampoo and conditioner, rinse hair, comb and blow dry.

HAIR TYPE: Suitable for all hair types.

COMPATIBILITY: The Dona Fifi line is compatible with all types of compounds.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Check the condition of your hair and do a strand test before starting the procedure.

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