Clary Liss

Nanoplasty for Blonde Pink Ruby by Сlary Liss, 2*1l

590,00 BRL
Clary Liss

Nanoplasty for Blonde Pink Ruby by Сlary Liss, 2*1l

590,00 BRL
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Nanoplasty for Blonde Pink Ruby by Сlary Liss, 2*1l

Pink Ruby Professional is an advanced thermal smoothing treatment formulated with highly penetrating nanotechnological actives that help realign cuticle cells and have a regenerative effect that preserves the integrity of the hair fiber. Helps smooth hair and contains a complex of vegetable oils that restores lipids and softens the hair fiber, which restores the natural flexibility of the hair.
The formula is enriched with a blend of amino acids that, when exposed to heat, transforms disulfide bridges to help realign the cuticle and cortex (cuticle and cortex).

Ideal straightener for colored, milled, bleached and gray hair.

📍 No strong odor
📍 Formaldehyde Free
📍 Neutralizes unwanted tones.
📍 Easily absorbed by the hair.
📍 Has a longer straightening time

Main Components:

A mixture of acids
Lactic acid/citric acid

Argan oil helps fight frizz. Coconut oil works on the shine and glossiness of the hair. The oil also helps to fight against extraneous factors such as sun, pollution and salt. Pukui oil helps hair growth, makes it more hydrated, healthy and reduces scalp irritation

Application method:

1- Wash your hair with Pink Ruby Shampoo 2-3 times until your hair squeaks with cleanliness.
*Tip: On white, gray hair or on the hair of customers who have swum in the pool and the sea, allow the shampoo to work at the last wash for up to 10 minutes.
2- Dry your hair 100% with a hair dryer and part your hair.
3- Apply on thin strands of Clary Liss. Always comb with a fine comb for better penetration of the active ingredient.
4- Pause time:

50 minutes: Fine hair, slightly wavy or loose.
50 to 80 minutes: More resistant hair. For example: Curly, Asian and porous.

5- Rinse!
Remove 90% of product for hair that is difficult to smooth.
Remove 100% product for bleached or weakened hair to prevent further discoloration or yellowing.
6- After pre-rinsing, dry your hair 100% with a hair dryer, if you like, brush first to get the best straightening result.
7- Start the soldering procedure with an iron. ON THIN STRANDS! 15 to 25 times, depending on the texture of the hair.
Iron slowly and with great care!
WARNING: Adjust the temperature of the iron according to the hair texture! From 200 to 250 degrees C for thick hair. For weakened hair, iron on a low temperature. Always use a professional flat iron that holds the temperature!
After completing this process, wait 5 to 10 minutes for the hair to cool down.

Shampoo well to remove 100% of the product,
Apply the protector of your choice and finish as you are used to.

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