Botox Acai with Banana 500g - Thyrre Cosméticos

110,00 BRL
Botox Acai with Banana 500g - Thyrre Cosméticos

Botox Acai with Banana 500g - Thyrre Cosméticos

110,00 BRL
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Mask Açaí Com Banana 500g - Thyrre Cosméticos

-protects from drying out

- from split ends

- removes frizz

- natural shine

An intensive treatment mask for all hair types. Used to moisturize hair, thickens thin strands. Whether it's smooth, curly, dyed. Highly hydrating, with an emollient action, it helps seal cuticles and smooth out fibers. Result from the first application.

How to use

1) Cold Technique: After shampooing and still damp hair, dry it partially with a towel, apply the mask to the lengths and ends. Use a comb to evenly distribute and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

2) Salon treatment (intensive SPA treatment): Rinse hair with deep cleaning shampoo, 1-2 times. - Dry hair 80-90% with a towel. There should be a minimum of moisture on the hair.- Evenly distribute the product with a comb from roots to ends.- Leave for 20 minutes.- Rinse the composition with warm water by 50%. Dry the hair by 100%.- Straighten the hair with an iron. Broach 5 times each strand (the task is only to warm the hair) - Let the hair cool. - Rinse the hair without shampoo and dry it 100% with a hot hair dryer, brushing is possible - The procedure is completed.

Precautionary measures

Avoid contact of the product with the eye area. Do not swallow in case of accidental contact with eyes, simply rinse with plenty of water. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. Store in a cool, dry place (temperature not higher than 40°C). Outdoor use. Contraindication: sensitivity to any component of the formula.

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