Botox Anti Depressivo Blond by Eae Cosmetics 1l

150,00 BRL
Botox Anti Depressivo Blond by Eae Cosmetics 1l

Botox Anti Depressivo Blond by Eae Cosmetics 1l

150,00 BRL
Only 10 units of this product remain

Botox Anti Depressivo Blond by Eae Cosmetics 1l

Eaê Cosmeticos Blond Anti depressant acts as a replacement for lost capillary mass, restoring brittle hair while restoring deep hydration. Hair with controlled volume and intense shine.

Enriched with macadamia oil, which forms a protective film on the hair, protecting it from damage, retains moisture, softness and shine for longer. It contains serecin, which provides nano-repair and forms a strong bond with keratin, acting as a sticky cement for the hair cortex, sealing the cuticles. Gives intense shine, silkiness, suppleness and softness.

How to use:

1)Apply Anti Residue Shampoo to damp hair and massage evenly for several minutes. Rinse thoroughly and reapply for deep cleansing. Remove excess water with a towel and apply Reposer to the entire length of the hair, let it work for 20 minutes. Rinse an average of 80%, comb and flat iron to achieve a reduced volume effect.

2) After washing your hair with shampoo and still damp, partially dry it with a towel, apply the mask to the lengths and ends. Use a comb to evenly distribute and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

3) Salon treatment (intensive spa treatment): Rinse hair with deep cleaning shampoo, 1-2 times. - Dry hair 80-90% with a towel. There should be a minimum of moisture on the hair.- Evenly distribute the product with a comb from roots to ends.- Leave for 20 minutes.- Rinse the composition with warm water by 50%. Dry the hair by 100%.- Straighten the hair with an iron. Broach 5 times each strand (the task is only to warm the hair) - Let the hair cool. - Rinse the hair without shampoo and dry it 100% with a hot hair dryer, brushing is possible - The procedure is completed.

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