Selagem Termica Cadiveu Plastica dos fios - kit 3x1000mL

997,76 BRL
Selagem Termica Cadiveu Plastica dos fios - kit 3x1000mL

Selagem Termica Cadiveu Plastica dos fios - kit 3x1000mL

997,76 BRL
Only 10 units of this product remain

Set Plastica dos Fios Professional 1000/1000/1000 ml

Step 1: Prep Shampoo 1000ml

Step 2: Keratin straightening agent 1000 ml

Step 3: Hydrating Mask 1000 ml

Benefits of Plastica dos Fios

After the procedure, you get a natural look without signs of hair stretching.
The most comfortable procedure for both the client and the master, as there is no smell.

1. Cadiveu Professional Plástica dos Fios Revitalizing Mask 1000 ml: Helps maximize hair moisture, reducing frizz and emphasizing the smooth effect. Action: acai oil: its antioxidant action protects and regenerates the hair, and provides effective and long-lasting hydration. Arginine: ensures the exchange of nutrients between the root and strands, forms a protective film that closes the scales and strengthens the hair.

2. Acetic acid shampoo: Because it has an acidic pH, it can cause irritation and flaking on sensitive skin. For this reason, we recommend not to use by pregnant women, people with sensitive skin and children under 12 years of age. Note.

How to use: Application instructions Materials needed: silicone gloves, hair dryer, iron, plastic clips, fine-toothed comb, brush and plastic container.

1. Wash hair with Pre Treatment Shampoo, massaging until lather forms. Wash virgin, very resistant or very dirty hair twice. Let it work for 5 minutes and rinse completely. Caution: Do not rub your scalp.

2. Dry your hair 80% with a blow dryer and fingers.

3. Divide the hair into 6 sections (a vertical line dividing the hair into two sections - right and left - and 3 horizontal sections - occipital, middle and front from the ears). Secure each session in a bun with a clip.

4. Pour 20 to 40 ml of Heat Seal into the container and put on silicone gloves.

5. Start applying with a brush to the back of the neck. We apply two fingers from the root to the base of the strand and pull the product to the ends with a comb. Make sure the product is on all strands.

6- Repeat the procedure with the strand on the side.

7. Turning on the hair dryer on a cold jet, dry two strands 100%. It is important to dry two strands at the same time with a cold jet. This prevents the formation of smoke and prevents the product from evaporating without effect.

8. Repeat the procedure from 5 to 7 on the two central strands of hair one at a time.

9. Finally, repeat the procedure from 5 to 7 on the two front strands of hair, drying the strands back. It is important that neither the wind from the hair dryer nor the wick with the product comes into contact with the face.

10. Ironing time! For light, damaged or chemically treated hair, the ironing temperature should not exceed 200°C. For normal, virgin or heat-resistant hair, the temperature should be 230°C.

11. Divide your hair into sections with clips. Take a thin linear strand and iron along the length (without ends) of the strands 10 times (board at 200 ° C) or 7 times (board at 230 ° C).

12. Iron the ends (without length) of the hair up to 4 times (board at 200°C) or 2 times (board at 230°C). This way you will avoid the effect of artificial smoothness at the ends.

13. Repeat this process (steps 11 and 12) for all strands of hair. Direct ironing in relation to the skin makes the strands smoother from the root. 14. After flat ironing all the strands, rinse your hair well.

15. Apply the Revitalizing Mask to the strands, gently massaging the strands. Let it work for 5 minutes and rinse again. 16. Blow dry your hair
The procedure pays off well: 1 liter of the product is enough for 35 procedures.

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