PROHALL Select One Um Só Passo 1L

520,00 BRL
PROHALL Select One Um Só Passo 1L

PROHALL Select One Um Só Passo 1L

520,00 BRL
Only 100 units of this product remain


Nanoplastic based on lactic acid, Lumini Sistem, hydrolyzed collagen and coconut oil.

Reduce frizz with Select One
Select One 1 liter helps control frizz caused by excess volume.

The product ensures smoothness of strands and, in addition, control over the most unruly strands. Silky softness, shine and movement are the result of advanced technology that promises deep hydration and complete care of the hair fibers, giving strands discipline.
The Lumini active system is the basis of the technology developed in Select One.

The ingredient has a direct effect on the hair fiber, repairing, smoothing and repairing all damage caused by chemical powder and/or free radicals (pollution, heat, UV rays, etc.). moisture). Select One is considered a complete hair care product, not just a frizz-smoothing product.
Range of benefits offered by the product
Respectful treatment and complete hair restoration are just a few of the countless benefits Select One offers.

Treatment is another care promoted by the product and should receive due recognition. The treatment works by restoring hair strands from damage caused in the past by chemicals and making hair softer. Moreover, it also maintains the detangling effect, increasing its durability. Find out more: Benefits of Select One: - Powerful and long-lasting anti-frizz product; - Silky touch and intense hydration of curls; - Balance of natural oils and deep nutrition; - Glowing threads; - Reconstruction and, as a result, greater strength and stability of the hair; - Repair of damage caused by chemicals and/or external agents; - Reducing excessive frizz and volume; - Protection against free radicals due to the formation of a protective layer around the hair; - Simple and practical application;
All the benefits guaranteed by Select One 1 liter are possible thanks to advanced technologies and ingredients. Its composition is based on the intelligent active ingredient Lumini System, which acts directly on the hair fibers, ensuring their restructuring and improving the mechanism of nutrient absorption. The component also improves ductility

Select One is approved for use on chemically treated hair. Heat treatment is suitable for all hair types (straight, wavy, curly and frizzy). This professional use product provides a heat treatment to smooth frizz and lasts up to 5 applications (depending on hair size).
Precautionary measures
The product is non-hypoallergenic, before the procedure it is recommended to carry out the following patch test: 01 - Using a cotton swab, apply the product to the forearm or behind the ear in an area of approximately 1 cm. 02 - Wait approximately 20 minutes. If a reaction occurs at any time during the test, rinse the area immediately. If this does not happen, remove the product and carry out the procedure. Store in a cool, ventilated place.

Mode of application:

TIGHT CURL – Section hair into four sections.2 – Starting at the back of the neck, apply the product throughout the length of hair, section by section, using a brush and comb.3 – Wait 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes, depending on thickness and the degree of porosity of the hair.4 – Rinse and remove 90% to 100% of the product.5 – Dry the threads 100% with a hair dryer only.6 – Very fine strands, iron 20 to 25 times with an iron at 230°C.7 – Rinse hair and apply Biomask for better results

LIGHT HAIR (BLONDE)1 – Divide your hair into four sections.2 – Starting at the back of your neck. Apply the product along the entire length of the strands, fixing the strand using a brush and comb.3 - Wait from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the degree of porosity of the hair.4 - Rinse and remove 100% of the product. product.5 – Dry your hair 100% with a hairdryer only.6 – Divide your hair into four parts and straighten thin strands 10-15 times at 180°C.7 – Rinse your hair and apply Biomask for best results.

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